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Current Challenges!

lotus Many times Pregnant Cow faces lot of Health Problems?
lotus Many times Pregnant Cows experience uncomfort & stress during calving?
lotus Many times Cow does not feed the newly born calf?
lotus Many times it is observed, cow does not accept the calf?

Most of the dairy farm shed designs do not give Special consideration to pregnant cows, Calving comfort & healthy emotional relationship of Cow & Calf.


Today, before we start our conversation, want to sensitise myself &all involved in cow care/dairy practice to ‘PAUSE’ for a second, think & feel the LIFE OF COW. After many thoughts, my personal view is Humans Live ‘One life at a time’. Whereas cow, I personally feel lives ‘Multiple lives in ONE LIFE- Multiple Jeevan chakra’. Though it is natural, just imagine, almost every year giving birth to a calf, going through the cycle of giving birth, giving milk etc., it is a never-ending cycle of giving by dear cow.


Cow’s generous & kind offering, the ‘Nectar of Life-Milk’, has been nurturing the entire human race for ages. Krishna with his Leela of innocent love & affection had mastered the science & art of Cow care. If one looks at millions of pictures of Krishna with his beloved cows, one sees bliss, happiness & comfort in the cows.

pancha-maha-bhutaUnfortunately, humans today consider our self to be MORE IMPORTANT & INTELLIGENT than the ‘Maha-Bhuta; Five elements governing the Universe; Earth/Fire/Air/Water/Ether’.

As stated in ||Bhagavad- Gita||, because of our ‘tamasa-buddhi’, intelligence in ignorance, false ego, greed have interfered with the simple art & science of cow care, made it complicated, expensive, un-natural to cow. Today pregnant cows face many challenges & stress all through the entire cycle, especially during calving & after birth. Wish we live our ‘tamasa–buddhi’ & make our humble submission to the law of nature & sincerely try our best for the welfare of cows which has given so much to mankind.

Key Reason?

‘ONE STANDARD DAIRY FARM SHED MODEL IS PRACTISED for all cows be it Milking cow /Dry cow /Pregnant cow/Last trimester cow /Calf/Heifer’.

desi-cow-calf3This approach has limitations & shortfalls. Because a Pregnant cow needs a ‘Simple yet Special Care’. A more comfortable & caring design of cattle shed to be considered for pregnant cows/calving/cow-calf togetherness. Golden rule is; only when the cow enjoys comfort, cow is more productive & dairy farm shall be prosperous.

It is very important for the dairy practitioners/new dairy farm shed designs to accommodate SIMPLE – LOW COST – EASY TO PRACTISE – COMFORTABLE – CATTLE SHED CONSTRUCTION for the pregnant cows.

It is important to value the BASIC LAW OF NATURE, let’s use the ancient wisdom VASTUSHASTRA to the best of our ability, understanding & knowledge for the welfare of pregnant cow.



KL ||Gua Vastu Shastra||™ prescribes 7 Golden Guidelines to ensure SAPT SUKH – 7 BASIC COMFORTS to be provided to pregnant cows/for calving/ supporting cow-calf relationship.

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lotus Firstly, in the NORTH-WEST area of your farmland/Cow shed identify a suitable ‘SOUTH-WEST PORTION’.

lotus Secondly, create a separate low-cost cowshed for pregnant cows in the identified area.

lotus Thirdly, the cowshed should contain space for both cow & calf in close proximity so that they can enjoy the company of each other.

lotus Fourthly, cow should face east/north. Calf to face north/west.

7 VASTU TIPS for Cow & Calf

1. Vastu for cowshed design for Pancha Bhootha Harmony – पञ्चभूत – सुख

The cattle shed should utilise the five cosmic elements smartly which is freely available as per law of nature.

earth-panch-bhutaPrithvi (पृथ्वी / Earth)

Sufficient comfortable earth-space to be given for lying down/standing/ to exhibit & enjoy basic animal behaviour.
Currently, many pregnant cows close to the calving stage are kept among the general cow herd with less movement space, which causes lot of stress among cows.
Give ample space for pregnant cows to feel comfortable & be more productive.

water-panch-bhutaJal (जल/Water)

Pregnant cow [all cows] should have 24 hr –ALL TIME access to Clean Drinking Water.
It is observed in many dairy farms Water is available only during specific time or water feeding place being far away. Cow’s being tied cannot move & drink. Many times the water is smelly, unhygienic that cows hesitate to drink water.

Basic comfort for freedom to Drink clean Hygienic water to be ensured.

fire-panch-bhutaAgni (अग्नि/Fire)

Vedic wisdom, Vastu Shastra believes ‘EARLY MORNING SUNRAYS PROMOTE COW GROWTH- HEALTH’; so it is important to ensure cows get adequate warmth through soft morning sun rays & proper shading during scorching sunlight.

It is currently observed many cowsheds are so dark, cows become depressed, stressed, lazy & unproductive. Dark cowsheds invite lot of insects/breeding place for infection/health problems.

air-panch-bhutaVayu (वायु/Air)

Ventilation & quality air is very important; proper cross-circulation of air to be ensured so that cows enjoy the pleasant air. Cooling wind flow is very important for cow comfort.
Currently, it is observed many cowsheds lack proper wind-flow which holds the stale air, smelly, unhealthy for cows.

It is important to keep 3 sides Open for proper ventilation & wind flow.

ether-panch-bhutaAakash (आकाश/Ether)

Desi pregnant Cows on an avg., weigh from 350+kg, need proper space; place should not be cramped with lot of farm equipment’s/other goods kept around the cow.

Space around the pregnant cow should be free, uncluttered.

A proper cow house design should harmonise & utilise the natures gifted five elements/panch mahabhuta available freely to provide comfort, growth & happiness to cows & their caretakers. This helps cows enjoy well being naturally. Helps cow caretakers in easy maintenance, low cost & experience success.

2. Vastu cow shed design to support COW MATERNAL FEELINGS

||Gau Bhavna Sutra||™

Cows exhibit MATERNAL – MOTHERLY EMOTIONAL FEELINGS similar to humans.


Accordingly, KL Vastu Shastra has created with years of research, 5 MODEL DESIGNS so that Cows & calves are in close proximity, both enjoy emotional well being, feel stress-free which is important for their health, growth & productivity.

KL with years of research on cow maternal behavioural science, observing various cow-calf emotional expressions/ postures/body languages/the unspoken body signal/Phonetic gestures cows make which exhibit their comfort/discomfort /Happy-Unhappy state, has formulated an exclusive design for Cow-Calf cowshed design.

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Cowshed design should:

  • Allow Closeness of Cow & Calf
  • Allow for maternal caring; licking, cuddling, togetherness bonding
  • Allow calf to pick up maternal traits & healthy behaviour for its existence in the herd
  • Allow calf to suck milk as & when it requires which is very critical for calf growth & mother cow health.

KL ||Gau Bhavna Sutra||™ believes that cow & calf proximity helps in promoting HAPPY HORMONES- OXYTOCIN which is important for milk production. A clear defined practice shall ensure proper calf milk feeding & milking for human consumption without affecting the calf care. This subject shall be discussed in a separate article.

3. Vastu dairy farm Design for Comfortable cowshed Flooring & Bedding

||Bhoomi Sparsh||™
For pregnant cows, it is all the more important for flooring & bedding to be:

  • Non-slippery
  • Hygienic
  • Comfortable


Natural mother earthy ground is better than the CEMENT SLIPPERY surface. Sand Bed is also a very low cost, easy to maintain, healthy option for flooring & bedding.

4. Vastu cattle shed design to support Pregnant cow – Social well being

Cow is a social animal; it is important to ensure the pregnant cows are clubbed along with their likeable friend herds for social well being & emotional comfort. Complete Isolation is not welcome.

Cowshed design housing to ensure in the special pregnant cowshed cows of likeable relationship are next to each other to reduce stress. As in humans, even cows do prefer to keep company with selective members & avoid certain members.

5. Vastu design to support Climatic Conditions ||Ritucharya|| & also be friendly for daily routine practice ||Dinacharya||

Cowshed design should support the Local place climatic conditions & offer comfort to cows. Vedic dinacharya which define daily routine practice helps in maintaining Hygienic, healthy & comfortable housing. Accordingly, housing design should support the dinacharya practice in an easy way.

  • Smooth surface of feed lot & water lot helps in easy cleaning & maintenance
  • Feeding trough & water trough designed next to each other is highly comfortable for the pregnant cows. The water level can be maintained by the simple old practice of water tank direct connection with water ball lever.
  • Properly designed duct outflow for cow dung/urine is very important to keep the place healthy & hygienic-infection free.

Ritucharya, each Ritu-season comes with its own demands, like in places with extreme winter & hot summer; pregnant cows need housing facility that takes care of the vagaries of the season.

A proper housing design should take into consideration the various challenges like heavy rain, wind, fire, extremely hot & cold, safety etc. The design should ensure preventive steps to take care of pregnant cows & the caretakers also.

Pregnant Cows – Calves are more sensitive to heat stress.

A proper shade is very critical for their health & comfort.

Considering most of the Indian locations have extreme summer, it becomes important to manage heat stress. Heat stress has been scientifically proven to cause lot of health problems to pregnant cows-calves & thereby financial loss to dairy:

  • Pregnant cows & calves under stress would require more frequent medical services
  • Believed to lower calf birth weight
  • Reduces the fat % & milk productivity very crucial for calf feeding & dairy sustenance
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Vedic Solutions

lotus Shade creepers & climbers; Act as COWSHED ROOFING COOLERS

lotus Consider as per your local climatic favourable condition, climbers which provide good shade cover to your shed roofing.

lotus Install simple water jet sprinklers on the rooftop connected to water tank, easy to operate on regular basis. Using water sprinklers on roof during summer helps in managing the temperature around.

lotus Every cowshed should have COMPULSORY SHADE AREAS- SHADE ZONES by planting trees in the South-west Direction.

lotus Plant beneficial trees like Neem, Amla etc they provide shade, act as wind breakers & keep the surrounding cool.

lotus Plant bamboo trees/shrubs/small plants around the Water pool in the North East corner of the farm plot. Cows would enjoy the poolside shade & relax which is very important for their health.

lotus Similarly, for dairy farms experiencing extreme winter, windbreaks in the form of warm cloth curtains /gunny rug screens & 3 sides closed COW HUT, shall help cows in keeping themselves warm. It is observed extreme winter affects the Colostrum absorption rate in new-born calves. So, it is very important to provide a Warm shelter.

6. Vastu tips to provide Preventive Health Care Feed for pregnant cows
KL ||GauSwasthVatika||™

South-West Area: Grow Neem Tree Shade, Amla, Bael tree, Tamarind tree etc. around the shed in the south-west direction. They will provide excellent shade, act as wind breakers & also useful as herbal feed medicine for cow preventive healthcare.

North –East area:

Grow Tulsi, Marigold, Gauva, Aloe vera, Shatavari, Curry plants, Garlic, Ginger, Chui-mui etc.

By natural way they would provide the daily dose of preventive health care to the cows & calves. Acts as natural herbal care; de-worming /overall health.

Evening; herbal Insecticide smoke;
Regular evening practice; allow the smoke of the burnt raw leaves of Neem inside/around the cowshed. It would help in preventing ticks/fly. Also, application of natural neem oil spray on cows is the best way to prevent ticks/flies. Fix few sprinklers inside the pillars of the cowshed connected to a small homemade Herbal Neem Oil tank easy to operate.

7. Vastu tips for Pregnant Cow care – Pampering Feed
||Annapurna Prasada||™

desi-cow-calf1Pregnant cows like humans, exhibit maternal desires.

A Special pampering ||Annapurna Prasad||™ – Pampering feed Bowl designed in the feeding lot will be EXTREMELY PAMPERING FEEL FOR THE PREGNANT COWS.

A small Pampering Bowl in the feedlot area pre-designed create a HABIT-RITUAL; Every morning & at evening a special pampering feed of small quantity makes the cow feel cared & uplifts its spirit. Make simple home-made pampering feed as per your local practice which should be palatable, light for ex. Boiled rice/Dhalia with small qty of jaggery would make her very happy.

The above 7 tips cover various concepts for you to evaluate for the welfare & happy comfort of pregnant cows & calves.

Let’s take the golden step towards the cow welfare more responsible for a prosperous dairy farming.

Leela of Motherly love… spread the Vedic care for pregnant cows & calves


Simple. Low Cost. Vedic Dairy Farm Cow Shed Design




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