Eminent Dairy Practitioners/Readers Views on KL

Krishna Leela is about passion for Vedic wisdom for cow welfare and beneficial towards cow owners. It shows a path how Vedic science can be used effectively at present competitive era in regards with cow comfort and well being of cow owner.
Aniruddha Patil
Aniruddha Bhagirath Patil
M. E. Civil, Maharashtra
Krishna Leela has been the turning point in our gaushala venture. Just by reading the methodology given in Krishna Leela, we have gained tremendous practical knowledge, that has given exceptional results on the gaushala.
Dipak Bhanusali
Deepak Bhanushali
B.Sc. Agriculture, Kesariya Farm Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
Through the traditional method of feeding and maintaining cows the point of cleanliness, love and affection towards cow which is not considered in dairy industry. Dairy farm people just consider cow as milking machine nothing else the points covered in Krishna Leela will help to increase the yield of milk with love and affection towards the animal which is called as kamdhenu (Desi cow).
Darshan. A. Kochar
Animal Welfare Officer, Maharashtra
Krishna leela is an encyclopedia for true lover of Gaumata. It reminds us our lost Vedic wisdom in a very simple yet effectively. KL, if followed in positive manner, can bring historical changes in dairy farming sector. KL is a powerful + eye opener concept for all gopalak. It teaches them basic yet longtime favorable/beneficial practices.
Jayesh Ramjibhai Ladani
M.B.A, Gujarat
Krishna leela is an great effort which will help the people who are interested to learn. Krishna Leela is the theme which give us the solution by Vedic principle easy to use same time using the modern equipment when and where necessary. The benefit will depend on end user how much he understand and how much he implement.
Deepak Bhanushali
Karthikeyan Balakrishnan Chemical Engineer Corporate, TN
There are many books regarding cattle caretaking. For ex Isa tweeds' Cow Keeping In India. In all those boom we can learn how can we be happy by keeping cows. But our krishna leela's speciality is it teaches how can a cow be happy with us. Like that, let the cows live their life happily then they will make your life happy.
T. M. Gokulakrishnan
Saampoorna Krishna Yajur Veda Adhyaayi S.S, TN
Krisna Leela is very informative regarding the deshi gau scientific practices according to our vedic wisdom. It focuses on rearing the deshi cow based on the vedic concepts which show us the path of natural animal husbandry. Krisna Leela must make a marketing platform for deshi gau products and a group of successful dairy farmers which can guide the new one's.
Vaibhav Kumresh
M.Tech, Biotech, CEO Samay Agrotech, Indore
Something really needed in Kalyug to educate young people. It's Vedic knowledge. Disease free farming, Ayurvedic remedies. Doctor free farms.
Vikrantsinh Rawal
Krishna Leela gives a very in depth sight and presents a genuine platform where even a novice can not just learn but gain better experience in cow reading and Dairy farming techniques. The fact the site provides ancient wisdom in modern times and that too in very practical as well as approachable ways and methodology makes is unique and the one it's only kind forum.
Vandana Goel
MSc Biotechnology IIT Roorkee
Krishna leela focus on all subjects and problems right from go nivas structure up to feed fodder management so it satisfy all queries of go palak and also gives simple tricks for profitable goshalas and dairy in view of economics also. It is not only old traditional knowledge sharing but also guide modern concepts.
Nirbhay Subhash Jain
M.A., B.Ed., Maharastra
Krishna Leela is a great initiative to promote the authentic cow care based on the ancient wisdom. It is a wonderful platform to connect cow lovers and also to learn how to take care of GauMata in a vedic and sustainable way. Specialty of KL is that it has beautifully blended the ancient wisdom of cow care to suit modern dairy farms.
Suman Rao
Msc (Psychology), Telangana
This is really praiseworthy effort. Thank you for promoting one of the finest work that any human being can do in their life. One stop knowledge for people who want to do real charity with purpose. Purpose to help young generation for having sound health and mind and there is nothing in the world which beat milk as a food.
Shivraj Gurpadappa Dharne
M. Tech. Microelectronics, IIT-Mumbai, Bangalore
Wonderful site feels as ancient scrolls. The ancient wisdom lost will be available. Sharing good and actual knowledge will promote dairy farming. Please include a search facility wherein one can search easily and access information.
Vivek Shah
B.E. Dairy Farm Manager, Mumbai
Krishna leela is a good initiative which will help to understand the challenges that people are facing in running a "Indian Cow" dairy. According to me, the best thing about krishna leela is telling the important of our indian cow which is a great source of amrit available to us. Myself Looking forward to this question as a solution to all our farmers, then only our India cow can be saved, as then only our farmer will keep the cow.
Raghav Jaju
M.B.A, Jaipur
कृष्ण लीला एक बहुत ही अच्छा ज्ञान स्त्रोत है। गो पालन का वैदिक ज्ञान जो की आज के समय में दुर्लभ है, कृष्ण लीला में प्राप्त हो रहा है। कृष्ण लीला में कही सुनाई बातें नहीं अपितु स्वयं अनुभव किये तथ्य हैं। जो गलत ज्ञान पशु डॉक्टर एवं डेरी विशेषज्ञ दे रहें हैं उससे गौ कभी सुखी एवं सहज नहीं रह सकती। परंतु कृष्ण लीला का ज्ञान गो कल्याणकारी है। यह गो और मानव के रिश्ते को और मजबूत करता है।
नवदीप ठाकुर
MCA, हिमाचल प्रदेश
Krishna Leela is fantastic selfless effort, it takes a big heart to share such invaluable wisdom, which people just talk about but when they actually get the knowledge they don't share it. The most special thing about Krishna Leela is that no matter how many times you refer it but still there is a feeling to read more. Since yesterday I have opened the site at least 5 times.
Raaghav S Aggarwal
M.B.A, Vita Farms (Gir Cow Farm) Mumbai
Krishna Leela is best platform to new started Gau Palak. It provides lots of information about Gau and her products in naturally and scientific way. It inspires related business of Gaumata.
Sandip Patil
Software Developer, Pune
Krishan Leela a perfect way if you want know animal husbandry.
V. S. Dr. Pankaj Punia
Veterinary Officer, Gujarat
The very concept of Krishna Leela is nobel. An effort to be kind gentle and considerate to "The Gau" and her kind is good. It is good to accept that they too have feelings towards stress and comfort.
Jacob Mathew Zachariah
MS (General Surgery), AP
Few changes will be made according to krishna leela in the existing dairy farms surely benefit cows so that in turn benefit dairy owners. Eg.. krishna Leela tells to leave cows freely, make water availability naturally so that cows can drink water anytime needed by them instead of supplying by human timings. So if cow is stress free automatically all others will benefit.
B.E., Prev designation: Team Manager Aerospace Pres, Bangalore
Krishna Leela is just the beginning of a long journey. KL emphasis more on quality than on quantity of modern dairy farming. KL will clean the minds of modern dairy farmers, dairy practices, when reaches the consumers it will create a market for quality dairy farming.
Anish Kumar Singh
B.E. Mech., Maharashtra

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