Vedic Tips to Sahiwal Cow Dairy farming

Sahiwal Cow Breed (Milking Cattle)

Pure Sahiwal Cow Breed!

Q. How to Identify Pure Breed of Sahiwal Cow?

Know the KL ||Surabhi Saptgun||™ Vedic wisdom to identify & select Pure Sahiwal Cow Breed. Vedic wisdom provides simple tips in selection of good herd of Sahiwal cow.


Sahiwal Cow Price!

Q. What is the right price for Sahiwal Cow?
Q. What is the Sahiwal cow price in UP?
Q. What is the Sahiwal Cow cost in Punjab, Bihar?

Know the KL ||GauArthashastra||™ Vedic wisdom to evaluate right pricing for buying Sahiwal Cow. It is very critical to know how to evaluate the right cost, the price of Sahiwal cow before you buy.

Sahiwal Cow Milk Per Day!

Q. What is the Sahiwal Cow Milk Production Per Day?
Q. How much does Sahiwal Cow Milk Yield Per Day v/s other cows?

– Know the KL ||Amrutguna||™ Vedic wisdom of Sahiwal dairy cow milk production. Many factors influence Sahiwal cow milk production. Amrutguna from Krishna Leela provides simple Vedic tips for selecting Sahiwal cows with good udder health which is crucial for high milk production.

Know KL ||KsheerSagarPadatti|| ™; How to increase Sahiwal cow milk production per day – Vedic way. Instead of expensive & unhealthy complicated practices like use of antibiotics etc, Vedic wisdom provides simple tips to enhance Sahiwal cow milk production.

Sahiwal Cow Farm!

Q. How to plan & develop Sahiwal cow farm?
Know the KL ||Gau Lok||™ for planning & developing Sahiwal cow farm. It is important to create productive ecosystem i.e. a beautiful dairy farm before buying Sahiwal cow. Without right supporting basic environment even the best cow breed suffers.


Origin of Sahiwal Cow!

Sahiwal Cow Breed (Milking Cattle)
The famous Sahiwal Cow originated from the historical regional tract of ‘SAHIWAL’ of the earlier Punjab province of India. Sahiwal cow got its name from its native place – Sahiwal region. Sahiwal region has historical significance; it was ruled by great kings like AHOKA of the Mauryan empire.

Currently, Sahiwal cow is observed in the extensive breeding tract of Ferozpur and Amritsar districts of Punjab. If you are looking for buying a pure breed of Sahiwal cattle, then regions around Abohar & Fazilka towns of Ferozepur district in Punjab will provide a healthy choice for your evaluation. Also one can see quality Sahiwal breeds pure bloodline in Sri Ganganagar district of Rajasthan.

Sahiwal Cow – Original Breeders!

Sahiwal cow was the heart & lifeline of the earlier native herdsmen of the Sahiwal region. The native herdsmen used to fondly refer to the Sahiwal cow with nicknames as ‘Lambi Bar’, ‘Multani’, ‘Teli’ etc.

Sahiwal Dairy Cattle Breed!

Sahiwal cattle breed is one of the most trusted dairy breeds of zebu or humped cattle (Bos Indicus). Among the few Indian Dairy Cattle Breeds, Sahiwal is considered as the KOHINOOR OF THE INDIAN DAIRY COWS.

 Sahiwal Cow Of India

KOHINOOR of Indian Dairy Cows!




  • Sahiwal CowWell adapted to Indian climatic condition.

With years of existence & evolution, the Sahiwal cattle breed has very well adapted to the demands of the Indian climatic condition. Sahiwal cow is known for ‘Heat-Tolerant’, which is very important for dairy cows to sustain in Indian climatic condition.

One of the key reason for Indian cow’s low milk production is due to HEAT during scorching summer; which affects the milk production. Sahiwal cows have comparatively better HEAT-TOLERATION compared to other foreign cow breeds.

  • Sahiwal Cow – Disease resistant
  1. Sahiwal cow has developed strong IMMUNITY & OVERALL HEALTH to Indian condition.
  2. High resistance to ticks/insects. Ticks & insects usually infest the cow skin & create high irritation & stress to cows. It is important for cows to develop tick-resistant.
  3. Strong resistance to internal and external parasites.

Due to various reasons to name few, bad unhygienic cowshed construction, unhygienic feeding practices, No quality water for drinking leads to a pool of parasite attacks on cows. Parasites are one of the key reasons for cow health problems. Resistance to both internal & external parasites becomes very critical.

Sahiwal Cow Breed

Sahiwal cow

  • Sahiwal Cow – High Milk Producing

Yes! Sahiwal cow is one of the known, tested & trusted cow for high milk production. Best choice for dairy farming in India. Sahiwal cow has well developed healthy UDDER & better disease resistant comparatively to foreign breeds. Sahiwal Cows Milk Yield is comparatively High than other cows.

  • Sahiwal Cow – Healthy & easy Calving!

One of the success criteria for dairy farming prosperity is further increasing the herd strength; Sahiwal cow is known for their healthy & easy calving.

  • Sahiwal Cattle – Choice of World Dairy Farming!

Due to its beautiful features & dairy benefits, Sahiwal cow can be observed in other Asian countries, African region etc. Other countries have extensively focussed on Sahiwal cow breed management. Indian dairy is equally committed to improving the Sahiwal cow breed.

Sahiwal Cow On WorldmapWe wish all the dairy farming starters & practitioner’s success, prosperity & healthy Sahiwal cow care. Know Vedic wisdom for better cow care & dairy farming success.

 Explore the ancient wisdom on cow-care… Leela of simplicity natural care


28-04-16 Krishna Leela Final

Vedic Science & Art for selection of cows!


||Krishna Leela–Surabhi Saptgun||™

Surabhi is a cow which represents ‘PROSPEROUS COW ’.

PROSPEROUS COW = Healthy, Happy & Nourished Cow which has the potentiality of creating wealth for cow caretakers. Selecting a SURABHI is an ART & SCIENCE. You need the true wisdom, art, science, and care to feel the surabhi….as it is said SURABHI exists in each & every cow with varying merits. One needs to have the humble sincere eye to feel & respect the surabhi in each cow. BEST COW – HIGH YIELDING COW is a subjective & an incomplete version ; as the word ‘BEST’ which is an adjective is dependent on various variables like Proper nourishment/Proper health care/ Proper Housing / Cow’s Life cycle stage etc. As the variables change so does the merit of ‘BEST’ changes; in simple words it is said even a high yielding cow can become low productive due to improper care, similarly an average yielding cow can become a high yielding SURABHI cow with proper care & love. Actually NO COW IS NON-PRODUCTIVE. All Non-Productive cows are MAN-MADE with his wrong interference, complications & wrong practises.

Having understood this, it shall be important to train oneself in rich observation, develop the art & science of Vedic wisdom, so that the Surabhi Saptgun in the cow is identified & developed for its full potentiality & in creation of wealth…




#3. Among the cow herd; which cow is the best?

#4. Which breeder provides GENUINE COWS?

#5. Where should I TRAVEL in search of BEST COWS?

The questions are endless, the search is endless & many times we find ourselves & our dear friends travelling far & wide in search of the so called POTENTIAL BEST COW!

TRUTH & OPPORTUNITY many times is VERY SIMPLE & IN CLOSE DISTANCE ; The so called BEST COW might be in the very close vicinity of our own place… our own neighbourhood ….in our own cow house, neglected. Before we step out in search of the dear SURABHI……Lets search our inner-self….Our knowledge, Our own art & science…DO WE HAVE THE BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF IDENTIFYING SURABHI?

Before getting into the art & science of surabhi-saptgun, let’s be aware of the…


MYTH#1 : Expensive Cows are the best-high yielding cows

Not necessary. No guarantee that always expensive cows are the prosperous cows.

MYTH #2 : Cows with LARGE UDDER is the most prosperous cow

Not Necessary. There are other key critical traits to evaluate.

MYTH #3. : ONLY SPECIFIC BREED TYPE is only the best prosperous cow

Not Necessary. Breeds potentiality is observed only when both the breed type & agro-climatic condition are suitable to each other.

MYTH #4. : After purchasing expensive high yielding cow; it shall always be a prosperous cow

Not necessary. Prosperous cow is directly related to & always dependent on variables like continuous proper nourishment, health care etc. It is very important to break the myths & come out of wrong theories, ensure practical vedic wisdom prevails.

Surabhi Saptgun is more of a SUBJECTIVE EVALUATION TOOL based on ages of practical experiences of Cow caretakers & Vedic wisdom. However, this needs further scientific validation & a statistic recording of observations shall further help in the science of surabhi selection. Each breed exhibits certain special characteristic feature, so it is important that while selecting, one needs to consider for the breed characteristic features. Also it is important to mention the evaluation criteria varies as per what you intend to select; cow, heifer & lactation stage of the cow.

Surabhi Saptgun is based on the rich Vedic Wisdom, which suggests,

OVERALL OBSERVATION instead of focusing on any one or few factors. As wisdom says, even a Mighty Lion ruling the forest, rich in all characteristic features DIES if even one of its legs health is a problem. Thus, stresses on the importance of observing on all factors. SURABHI SAPTGUN is an art & science which suggests observation on all the 7 VISIBLE SIGNS/SAPTGUNAS & overall 21 CHARACTERISTIC TRAITS / LAKSHANAS.




  • BODY STRUCTURE | शरीर की संरचनारूपात्मक ?
  • HEALTH | स्वास्थ्य लक्षण ?
  • BEHAVIOUR | शांत और मैत्रीपूर्ण लक्षण ?
  • FERTILITY | प्रजनन स्वास्थ्य ?
  • LACTATION STAGE | स्तनपान चक्र ?
  • MILK YIELD & QUALITY | दूध उत्पादन और गुणवत्ता ?
  • LONGEVITY | लंबी उम्रजीवनकाल ?


BODY STRUCTURE | शरीर की संरचनारूपात्मक ?

In Body Structure observation, there are 12 traits / lakshan to be observed

  1. EYES

As per Vedic wisdom it is said EYES ARE THE WINDOWS TO THE SOUL & BODY.

First look for the sign of MAGICAL EYES. Just look into the eyes of the cows; if you observe eyes sparking clear & bright, it might suggest healthy, active & emotionally happy cow. If you observe a DULL EYE, either it is stressed or facing health problems.

Now, you might ask the question; what is Magical Eyes & how can one understand the signs? These are natural observations. It is similar to human beings; many times looking just at the eyes of our dear ones, we at times infer their emotional wellbeing. Emotional wellbeing is a mirror outcome of various internal factors of which HEALTH is one of the key influencer. be a sign of productivity & fertility.


Observe for a healthy straight back bone, it should not be BOW shaped. A strong straight backbone is very important. A narrow front & broader back width/ Pelvic width is believed to be a sign of productivity & fertility.

  1. NECK & HEAD

Observe for free movements of neck & head, there should not be stiffness & Swelling.


Observe for Healthy Udder.

  • Should not be too much hanging
  • Udder with wide base & firmly attached to the abdomen is good
  • When you look at the udder from side, it should not be hanging; it should be firmly attached close to the body/abdomen.
  • Udder should not have swelling, hard spots.
  • Observe for MILK VEINS/GOOD NETWORK OF BLOOD VESSELS; the Milk veins/vessels should fork beneath the abdomen & form network across the udder.
  • Only looking for a cow with big udder is not a complete approach. It is observed by many, big udder does not always promise high milk yield.
  1. TEATS

Next important observation is the Teats. Place your palm below the teats; the teats should evenly touch the surface of your palm. Teats shape & appearance vary as per the cow lifecycle stages. It is usually advised to avoid undersized teats. Mastitis is one of the major problems affecting health of cow & dairy productivity causing financial loss. So, it is important to ascertain the health of udder, teats should be flexible and naturally coloured.

  1. LEGS

It is very important to observe the health of legs & no hoof infection. Healthy feet & strong legs help cows to enjoy grazing & their natural animal behaviour. Lameness in cows has been observed as one of the major factor for LOW MILK PRODUCTION. When cows are in pain due to lameness, they cannot yield more milk. Cow should be able to easily sit, stand & walk without showing sign of lameness.

  1. RUMEN

Observe for well-defined ribs & full stomach. Run fingers between the ribs, it is believed if at least 2 fingers can run between ribs, it is said to have large body capacity helpful in high milk yield.


It is said, cow dung also exhibits the health signs of the cow. Cow dung should neither be too thick nor too watery thin. It should not contain undigested particles in it.


Observe for Normal breathing. Faster breathing indicates cow might be under stress or suffering from pain, other health problems.

  1. SKIN

Observe for shiny, healthy skin without traces of infection/insect count to be bare minimum.

  1. MOUTH

Observe for the teeth health & cavity health

  1. TAIL

It is believed thin tail shall be active & helpful in warding of insects, keeping skin healthy.