28-04-16 Krishna Leela Final

Cow Feed Management


Vedic Cow Feed

Cow Feeding costs almost 50+% of dairy expenses; Cow feed is instrumental in dairy success; are you practising right feed management?

Does your cow feed ‘Saptgun’; Rich with 7 characteristics; Is it balanced, scientific based, less dependent on concentrate/mineral mix/chemical free/easy management, low cost, Enhances Milk yield, supports overall health ?


Is a Vedic Dairy Feed Management, enriched with 7 characteristic features important for cow prosperity – Saptgun.

  1. Natural – Chemical Free

Feed should be grown naturally, cows to enjoy natural open grazing instead of confined/altered/concentrate feeding habit

Feed to be synergised along with the geo-climatic conditions as per the soil architecture & availability of suitable regional fodder crops.

  1. Jeevan Chakra & Prakruti

Feed to be customised as per Age/Health condition/Lactation stage /Cow behaviour. As per each respective life cycle stages & conditions, feed needs to be customised accordingly.

  1. Dinacharya–Ritucharya

  • Feed to be managed as per daily routine practise & also as per each seasonal changes. What is the best feed to start the day?
  • When should the cow be allowed to open grazing?
  • When should the cow be allowed for relaxing?
  • What are the key feed ingredients as per seasonal requirements?
  1. Overall Healthy well being

As per Vedic wisdom, feed itself along with overall nourishment should support health management. It should take care of overall healthy well being. Should prevent health problems. Should Support Reproductive health & easy calving cycle.

  1. Increase milk yield

Feed should in itself support enhancing milk yield without other supplement expenses

  1. Water = Amrut

Water is an amrut; one of the key feed ingredient in cow nourishment & care

  1. Cost effective/Low maintenance

Feed should be harvested from nature with lowest cost & easy maintenance. Dependence on external source should be bare minimum. Planning for seasonal challenges/shortage of fodder should be planned accordingly.

Sec 1 : Water – Amrut

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Sec 2 : Feed Management

  • Calf Feed Management
  • NAVRATNA GOLD for Lactating/pregnant cows
  • Postpartum feed management/after calving
  • Panchgun for Heifers
  • Thrigun for old cows
  • Sapturja for BULLS
  • Swasthya Kavach for sick feed management

Sec 3 : Feed contingency management

  • Planning fodder management to handle fodder shortage/draught situations