Vedic Tips to Sahiwal Cow Dairy farming

Sahiwal Cow Breed (Milking Cattle)

Pure Sahiwal Cow Breed!

Q. How to Identify Pure Breed of Sahiwal Cow?

Know the KL ||Surabhi Saptgun||™ Vedic wisdom to identify & select Pure Sahiwal Cow Breed. Vedic wisdom provides simple tips in selection of good herd of Sahiwal cow.


Sahiwal Cow Price!

Q. What is the right price for Sahiwal Cow?
Q. What is the Sahiwal cow price in UP?
Q. What is the Sahiwal Cow cost in Punjab, Bihar?

Know the KL ||GauArthashastra||™ Vedic wisdom to evaluate right pricing for buying Sahiwal Cow. It is very critical to know how to evaluate the right cost, the price of Sahiwal cow before you buy.

Sahiwal Cow Milk Per Day!

Q. What is the Sahiwal Cow Milk Production Per Day?
Q. How much does Sahiwal Cow Milk Yield Per Day v/s other cows?

– Know the KL ||Amrutguna||™ Vedic wisdom of Sahiwal dairy cow milk production. Many factors influence Sahiwal cow milk production. Amrutguna from Krishna Leela provides simple Vedic tips for selecting Sahiwal cows with good udder health which is crucial for high milk production.

Know KL ||KsheerSagarPadatti|| ™; How to increase Sahiwal cow milk production per day – Vedic way. Instead of expensive & unhealthy complicated practices like use of antibiotics etc, Vedic wisdom provides simple tips to enhance Sahiwal cow milk production.

Sahiwal Cow Farm!

Q. How to plan & develop Sahiwal cow farm?
Know the KL ||Gau Lok||™ for planning & developing Sahiwal cow farm. It is important to create productive ecosystem i.e. a beautiful dairy farm before buying Sahiwal cow. Without right supporting basic environment even the best cow breed suffers.


Origin of Sahiwal Cow!

Sahiwal Cow Breed (Milking Cattle)
The famous Sahiwal Cow originated from the historical regional tract of ‘SAHIWAL’ of the earlier Punjab province of India. Sahiwal cow got its name from its native place – Sahiwal region. Sahiwal region has historical significance; it was ruled by great kings like AHOKA of the Mauryan empire.

Currently, Sahiwal cow is observed in the extensive breeding tract of Ferozpur and Amritsar districts of Punjab. If you are looking for buying a pure breed of Sahiwal cattle, then regions around Abohar & Fazilka towns of Ferozepur district in Punjab will provide a healthy choice for your evaluation. Also one can see quality Sahiwal breeds pure bloodline in Sri Ganganagar district of Rajasthan.

Sahiwal Cow – Original Breeders!

Sahiwal cow was the heart & lifeline of the earlier native herdsmen of the Sahiwal region. The native herdsmen used to fondly refer to the Sahiwal cow with nicknames as ‘Lambi Bar’, ‘Multani’, ‘Teli’ etc.

Sahiwal Dairy Cattle Breed!

Sahiwal cattle breed is one of the most trusted dairy breeds of zebu or humped cattle (Bos Indicus). Among the few Indian Dairy Cattle Breeds, Sahiwal is considered as the KOHINOOR OF THE INDIAN DAIRY COWS.

 Sahiwal Cow Of India

KOHINOOR of Indian Dairy Cows!




  • Sahiwal CowWell adapted to Indian climatic condition.

With years of existence & evolution, the Sahiwal cattle breed has very well adapted to the demands of the Indian climatic condition. Sahiwal cow is known for ‘Heat-Tolerant’, which is very important for dairy cows to sustain in Indian climatic condition.

One of the key reason for Indian cow’s low milk production is due to HEAT during scorching summer; which affects the milk production. Sahiwal cows have comparatively better HEAT-TOLERATION compared to other foreign cow breeds.

  • Sahiwal Cow – Disease resistant
  1. Sahiwal cow has developed strong IMMUNITY & OVERALL HEALTH to Indian condition.
  2. High resistance to ticks/insects. Ticks & insects usually infest the cow skin & create high irritation & stress to cows. It is important for cows to develop tick-resistant.
  3. Strong resistance to internal and external parasites.

Due to various reasons to name few, bad unhygienic cowshed construction, unhygienic feeding practices, No quality water for drinking leads to a pool of parasite attacks on cows. Parasites are one of the key reasons for cow health problems. Resistance to both internal & external parasites becomes very critical.

Sahiwal Cow Breed

Sahiwal cow

  • Sahiwal Cow – High Milk Producing

Yes! Sahiwal cow is one of the known, tested & trusted cow for high milk production. Best choice for dairy farming in India. Sahiwal cow has well developed healthy UDDER & better disease resistant comparatively to foreign breeds. Sahiwal Cows Milk Yield is comparatively High than other cows.

  • Sahiwal Cow – Healthy & easy Calving!

One of the success criteria for dairy farming prosperity is further increasing the herd strength; Sahiwal cow is known for their healthy & easy calving.

  • Sahiwal Cattle – Choice of World Dairy Farming!

Due to its beautiful features & dairy benefits, Sahiwal cow can be observed in other Asian countries, African region etc. Other countries have extensively focussed on Sahiwal cow breed management. Indian dairy is equally committed to improving the Sahiwal cow breed.

Sahiwal Cow On WorldmapWe wish all the dairy farming starters & practitioner’s success, prosperity & healthy Sahiwal cow care. Know Vedic wisdom for better cow care & dairy farming success.

 Explore the ancient wisdom on cow-care… Leela of simplicity natural care


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Indian Cows



गौ परिवार: Know India’s cow family for better decision Making!

Since Vedic times, India has been known to house beautiful family of most potential & productive native cow breeds. It is very interesting & fascinating to observe so many different breeds of cows as one travels across India. Each region boasts of different breeds of Cows that have adapted to the local climatic-geographic condition.

Vedic Wisdom:

MOTHER NATURE is the TRUE MASTER, with time, nature has evolved & adapted various cow breeds to best suit their natural environment for their own sustenance, productivity & propagation. Cows are sensitive to geo-climatic conditions. Indian cows are adapted for the Indian climatic condition of hot weather, humidity…

India has the rich ocean pool of genetic diversity, different breeds for varied uses, best & matchless in the world in its own merit. Indian cows have crafted themselves since vedic times, evolving their survival & productive capability to match with the challenges of the environment. Indian cows are best suited for the local climate as they have better adaptation ability to the varied climatic conditions be it hot, humid, better disease resistance, low on maintenance etc. Indian cattle, belongs  to ‘Bos Indicus’; they are characterised by presence of ‘HUMP’, also known as the zebu breed. Whereas the other set of Bos Taurus, represents the cows from the European countries etc..

India’s cow family boasts of more than 25 + cow breeds. They are primarily categorised as:

  • Milch Breeds which are  primarily known for their milk productivity.
  • To name a few references, Deoni, Gir, Red Sindhi, Sahiwal, Tharparkar etc.
  • Draught Breeds, are known for their ability to sustain themselves in drought conditions
  • Dual-Purpose Breeds, cows  yield quality milk & males are known for servicing as good bullocks. Ongole, Rathi, Krishna Valley, Kankrej
  • Others being, exotic breeds, cross-breeds & non-descript breeds
  • Exotic breeds are the cows native to European countries; Jersey, Holstein-Friesian etc.
  • Cross-Breeds: Cows have been cross-breed between exotic & Indian cows.

# Which is the Best Breed?

# Which one to select; Indian breed v/s Exotic breed?

# Testimonials of people practising different breeds & their experiences. With photos of respective animals & their dialects.


Due to the trend of blindly following adaptation of high milk yielding exotic cow breeds, Indian cow breeds have been neglected. Also, considering the exclusive nature of the exotic breeds which are comfortable in cool climate have to adjust to the hot humid climate of India.

It is important to develop Indian breeds further making them more potential.

Breed Selection Criteria;

  • Geo-genetic marriage
  •  Low Maintenance
  • Better Immunity to disease/climatic changes
  • Low cost per yield
  • Long term benefit

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