How To Increase

Cow Milk Production & Milk Quality?

Zero Cost & Natural Vedic Way

Ksheer Sagar is a powerful vedic science, helps in increasing Cow milk production & quality in natural, simple way without additional expenses. It is based on FOUR PILLARS;

Pillar 1 :  ||Gau – Anand Sutra||™

Do You Know Emotion Hormone Is Important

For Cow Milk Production?

KL Gau Anand Sutra, is an ancient wisdom which strongly believes & advocates in understanding, valuing & respecting COW EMOTION. Only happy cows can produce HIGH MILK YIELD leading to prosperity.



Do You Know 16 Simple Zero Cost Herbs, Farm Grown Can Increase Milk Production & Improve Quality?

KL Saptgun Ahaar, is a powerful cow feed wisdom based on vedic science which advocates simple, balanced, complete feed, self grown in & around the farm as per the region & BREED/LIFE CYCLE STAGE/SEASON WISE requirement. It is natural, zero cost, easy to practice & reduces dependence on high cost chemical feeds which burdens the dairy farmer. It reveals  16 ZERO COST NATURAL VEDIC HERBS TO INCREASE MILK PRODUCTION.



Do You Know Cows Which Enjoy Comfortable Position Sitting Down For More Than 12+ Hours Provide More Milk?

KL Vasasthan, is a rich knowledge bank of ensuring comfort housing to cows as only comfortable cows can be productive. It provides guidelines on how a cow shed needs to be designed naturally, low cost, simple but very comfortable for cows happiness  &  health.



Do You Know Almost 40% Low Milk Production Is Due To Health Care Problems Which Could Have Been Prevented?

KL Arogya Suraksha Paddhati, is based on the powerful philosophy of PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. One of the main reason for low productivity is regular cow health problems; Mastitis, skin problems, foot problems, mouth problems, digestion problems etc. Vedic wisdom practices regular DINACHARYA & RITUCHARYA to ensure cows get regular preventive health care instead of addressing the problem only when the health problems occur.

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PILLAR 1 : ||Gau-Anand Sutra ||™

As per KL vedic science, ONLY COWS WHICH ARE HAPPY CAN BE PRODUCTIVE & LIVE LONG. Vedic wisdom stresses & advices for cow caretakers to ensure  EMOTIONAL HAPPINESS in COW. Gau Anand Sutra  has 7 emotional sutras or emotional beads which provides valuable wisdom in understanding the emotions of cow; which directly influences milk productivity & quality.


#1. ||Gau Namakaran||™

Cows emotional bonding with their own names Vedic science clearly establishes, Cows love individual names, respond to name calling, build relationship with humans through names, leads to being part of the family; Happy Stress-free cows yield high milk. Old fables/Popular village songs all have cow’s name embedded….. Kindly treat cow as an INDIVIDUAL & She shall respond to all your needs with multifold love.

Name All Your Cows Today!

#2. ||Gau – Snehalokh||™

Cows love bonding with their friends Vedic science clearly establishes, Cows are social & highly emotional Animals.

They love company. Their memory is strong & can remember their herd members.

Like human beings, they also make friends & avoid bullying members. They have individual likes & dislikes. So it is important to establish HERD MANAGEMENT with the right individual members instead of ONE COMMON GROUP. Better to divide cow’s into 20-25 groups of herds with cordial members.

Cow’s emotionally interact with their group & also avoid certain members. Cow’s also are under stress if they are supposed to interact with too large or new member’s every now & then.

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#3. ||Gau – MathruPrem||™

Cows love nursing their calf

Vedic Science says, cows love nursing their calf; nursing their calf gives immense emotional Satisfaction, stress free, better health & leads to high milk yield. When cows are not allowed to enjoy their emotion of Nursing, feel dejected & slowly develop induced behavior of ‘INDIVIDUALISTIC APPROACH’; slowly lose the caring –nursing affection for the next generation of births.

#4. ||Gau – Nandi Stiratha||™

Nandi, important for herd health Vedic Science says, presence of Nandi in the herd; assures the herd emotional comfort & safety. Nandi ensures natural flow of URJA in the herd, leading to HEALTHY SPIRIT & hierarchy maintenance..

#5. ||Gau – Vasansukh||™

Cows love airy surroundings

Vedic science clearly establishes, Cows can SMELL surroundings even as far as few Miles away. Cow’s feel extremely uncomfortable in HOUSING which is DAMP/SMELLS BAD/LESS VENTILATION, all this leads to stress & low milk yield. Gau – Vasasthan to be airy & with good ventilation.

#6. ||Gau – Vishram Prem||™

Cows love relaxation

Vedic Science says, cows love relaxing for at least 60% of their time which involves comfortable sitting posture, while they keep chewing & they enjoy sleeping for at least 5-8 hours in a shady, airy, clean surrounding. So, it is important to ensure a defined regular |Dincharya| & | Ritucharya| so that they know their daily-seasonal wise routine & enjoy their relaxation with comfort. Cow housing to ensure it understands the cow behavior & supports their relaxation.

#7. ||Gau – Nruthya Jeevan||™

Happy cows live for at least 20-25 years Vedic Science says, Happy cows, which enjoy their name calling, bond well with their Herd members, enjoy nursing, enjoy relaxation exhibit frequently:

  • Cuddling/Licking of their herd members
  • Happy Cows Dance, Yes, they jump with their 4 feet above in the air…to exhibit their happy mood
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Please let’s try to embrace the Vedic wisdom which treated cows as individual members & HAPPY COWS was their goal… because only a HAPPY BEING CAN BE PRODUCTIVE & LIVE LONGER, ensuring prosperity.


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my gir gye ha wo pargenent nahi ho rahi ha usko 7 bar injection lagwa chuke ha laki wo use din gira deti ha
or uska milk bhi 3 kg hi reh gya ha
to kya kiya jaye please help me

Neil Sharma

I want to establish via dairy farm please give me some tips on that


My kangeyam cattle doesn’t stand for milking it moves when I starts milking in it…It is its 1st lactation…..How to correct it????Reply me

Vinay Joshi

Sir thank you so much for giving such a valuable and practical information. sir having few questions,

1. Having any plane to publish how to increase cow milk in hindi language?
2. How to increase milk production in buffalo? as we do have few buffalos…
3. Can you explain best feed mixture for dairy cows to improve cow milk, SNF and FAT as per Indian climate?


It is very good knowledge but it required more clarificaytion ple
Send detail book any charges ple ..
Hare krishna

Dear Rajendra Desai ji,
Thanks for the feedback.
KL book development is in progress, we shall inform you.
Best wishes

Gaurav bhardwaj

Very good description I like it so beautiful.

Dear Gaurav Ji,
Best wishes,


Is it an service oriented platform or any other source to get feed back

Dear Ramammohan Ji,
This is a concept awareness service based on vedic wisdom.

Free services offered through website.Sorry for late reply.

Best wishes