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Were the headlines in almost all the newspaper across the country that boggled the minds of Indians especially in Gujarat. People who everyday witnessed many farmers in villages selling their cows to rich businessman in cities were wonderstruck at what the report claimed. They could never imagine that even the cow’s urine and dung too can be used to generate income that would help to self sustain the dry cows and the farmer’s’ household too!!

Madhav Ojha living in the foothills of Girnaar Parvat in Gujarat was a simple hard working farmer. He was the proud owner of three Gir Cows, a pair of handsome Gir Bulls; Raam and Lakshaman and beautiful Nandini. He was pretty happy and satisfied in his life with a small piece of land on which he grew some vegetable and little millet. His good wife would follow the footsteps of her husband and was completely devoted to gauseva. The household which was once full of milk, curds and butter was now struggling to even maintain their beloved cattle as Nandini had become too old to give milk. Now with no milk the basic daily family maintenance was getting difficult.

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But Madhav was strictly against selling his beloved Nandani, Raam and Lakshman. Daily expenses & maintenance disturbed him. Though he loved his cattle and his family too but could not find a way to escape hard reality which was making his life difficult everyday.

Daevan, Madhav’s 20 year old son tried convincing his father about making compost manure & other medical and cosmetic products from dung and urine of their cows. But Madhav was reluctant to accept the fact and therefore he asked Davean to forget all euphoria created by the news papers.

Cow Dung Log, Pot & Lamp

cow-dung-logcow-dung-cake cow-dung-pot


However, convinced with whatever he thought and planned to do would ultimately bring reward to the family Davaen stealthily started collecting the cow dung and urine of the cows produced in his own household and began with preparing the compost in the corner of the land that they possessed. He started with small scale production and did all the packing of the compost prepared by him with his own hands.


Cow Dung & Cow Urine Based Fertilizer

Then he went to the nearby towns; to market with his produce to the nurseries & agriculture melas. To his own and Madhav’s surprise the endeavor taken by Davaen bore fruits and soon he started getting orders to supply the excellent compost available at their doorstep in quite less time. This practice addressed at least to daily struggle of maintaining the cows in the household.

Cow Dung Based Handicraft

cow-dung-art02 cow-dung-art03 cow-dung-art04 cow-dung-art05

Now finding a new way with new thought he sent Davaen to get trained at academy where the youth were taught to produce toiletries, medicines, dhoop, wall plaster, natural bricks, mosquito coil based on cow dung & cow urine etc on commercial scale. Devan learnt the manufacturing process of various products, basic marketing skills & the most important legal-regulatory details required. He was completely convinced now that this new enterprise would not in any way harm his beloved cows and deter him away from the path of his, “Living with Principles”.

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Cow Dung Based Vedic Plaster

vedic-plaster07vedic-plaster01 vedic-plaster02

Madhav & Davaen to make their dream come true, daily for almost a month roamed in the markets around their village to understand what type of products would have demand as well as ready buyers. As days passed by they slowly gathered information on some of the cow based products which had good demand & regular buyers. They identified there were good Organic farms around. Luckily they discovered few ayurvedic therapy centres in the towns which were practising using cow based products for treatment of various ailments.

Cow Dung Based Art Paper

cow-dung-paper04cow-dung-paper03cow-dung-paper02 cow-dung-paper-wall

Soon Madhav and Davaen set up a small shed in their land & started making cow based products.

They ensured they practised the best manufacturing process learnt at the academy and gradually developed their marketing skills. Step by step they started to produce in small quantities and supplied products around the village & market place. As they say ‘ Effort & Focus’ always gets its due reward, their products found good acceptance with the buyers and slowly the demand started to pour in from new towns & villages.

Cow Panchagavya Cosmetic & Toiletry Products


After 7 years of hard work & focus, their products are now available in almost all the key towns around their village with regular sales. Now they have a beautiful self reliant Gaudham where cows & bulls are taken care as per ancient practise. Herds enjoy comfort & health. They proved even from cow dung & cow urine one can generate regular revenue. The success story of Madhav and Davaen has become a favorite talk time of villagers who are inspired and would want to engage themselves likewise in order to conserve, protect and maintain their beloved cows.

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traditionally which cow is bette gir or sahiwal. what is the different

It is cow urine and cow dung which is of real value. Cow urine can help in treating various diseases and now hundreds of products are available based on panchgavya.

Srinivas rao

Jaigowmatha gowpalaks should realize that not only milk but everything gowmata gives us is important as herself like urine dung gowghuli and foremost her love to the owner