Kishore Kumar Narlikar popularly known as Bhaiyu raja by the rural householders is a respected old veteran who has immense love for his two cows, Malti and Bela. In the ripe age of 73 he religiously cares and tends them as though they are his life and soul.

Village youth tease him often sometimes saying that where would all the attachment with mortals that too cows; take him after his death? He simply laughs and points his finger to the sky answering in syllables, ‘To Golok’! He believes that Krishna loves the cows and He sent them to the Earth for the benefit of the whole human race.
haliker-cow-breedHis compatriots recall a heartwarming incident that occurred some 55 years of Kishore’s life. It was the year of and India still struggling with its economic growth, the state of Maharashtra was hard hit by famine with Kishore’s village no exception. The villagers slowly trickled out of their homes leaving behind their property, pets and other belongings to the nearby areas in order to save themselves and their relatives.

Kishore was advised by his neighbors to do likewise as the life was threatened and risk increased every day. But Bhaiyu Raja refused to leave his dear Malti and Bela behind saying that who would care for his beloved cows if he deserts them like this. He took all the risk and stayed behind in almost isolated drought ridden state with minimal irrigation facilities. Taking care of his Gaumatas, feeding them with meagre fodder he could get from the farfetched areas. His heart cried as he would feed Malti and Bela loving with his hands talking to them and promising them all good feed once the condition returned normal after the good monsoon. His dedication and devotion to his cows became exemplary even to the gopalaks in the village.bad-monsoon

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Bhaiyu raja, not knowing what to do was sure of only one thing that nothing could deter him of taking care of his cows, but more he thought of finding solution to the uncertain rain & draught problem the more confusion e created in his mind. Then one day he was trying to find solace in Ramayana path when he came across the word “Ashok Vatika”. The word hit him hard as he had often heard Pandit Mohanji preaching to the villagers appealing again and again to them to create Vatikas on their respective lands. Pandit Mohanji who stayed under the big Neem tree was 85 year old with sparkle in his eyes & wisdom in his voice. ayurvedic-herbsMany times he gave away Ayurvedic medicines to the villagers free of cost & also helped them to solve some of their problems with wisdom. Villagers in return used to offer small portions of rice/jaggery/dhal to the old man for his advises.

Hearing Bhaiyu Raja’s immense passion & his Principles of being committed to his cow’s made the Old scholar of the village, Pandit Mohanji came to him.

Pandit Mohanji , spoke in his wisdom voice; “ Raja, you cannot tame the Rainfall, they are at nature’s will & gift of god. At the same time you need to respect the simple knowledge of Panchabhoota, how to utilize the nature’s gift for human & animal welfare”


Bhaiyu Raja listened to the pandit’s wisdom,..expecting some solution…

cow-grassingPandit said, “Go back to your agriculture land, dig wide circular pool pit after every 20 steps in the north-eastern direction, plant drought trees & shrubs around the pit. These pits during rainfall will get filled with water. And the draught trees & shrubs would grow around these pits slowly. After few months & few years you shall find each of these pits will develop into natural ponds. These natural ponds will keep all the earthy soil moisture level comfortable for plant & fodder tree growth. Then you & your cows don’t have to worry, you can have sufficient fodder for your cows & for your living”.

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natural-pond1Raja questioned “How can a man create NATURAL POND?”

Panditji replied with a silence & smile… “Do you love your cows? Then just try  and see?

Raja having no other choice went back to his 2 acre agricultural piece of land. Along with the help of his family in that season he created 7 pool pits. After few weeks rains visited the village. The cows left free in the land nourished the soil with their dung & urine. The heavy rain shower filled the cradle of the pool pits & the green shoots of fodder trees & shrubs started to grow around, months passed by, years passed by.

natural-pond2 During every summer when most of the villagers used to leave the village they would look at the slowly growing forest kind of patch …Yes! Raja had created a beautiful FOOD FOREST on the advice of the old Pandit. Now even during summer his cows had basic feed/ tall fodder trees & water pool to support them. Raja from his 2 beloved cows slowly created a herd of 80 cows…his name & achievement spread far & wide….now his village folks & the world knows him by the name ‘ Van raja’- the one who created forest ….natural-pond-trees

Change is the only thing permanent in this material World. Slowly the conditions too changed over a period of time and earth again became green with vegetation after good monsoon rain the commencing year. Kishore’s crop fields became a gold mine due to blessings of Gaumata as the dung of the cows not only adds bulk to the soil besides making it nutrient rich. When people come to Raja asking for the magic trick that had turned the village a heaven to live in, he simply replies with a smile, “have faith in your scriptural wisdom and do the Gauseva”.

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It’s rightly said that, ‘It’s not the humans who take care of the cows but actually the cows that actually take care of the entire human race with its benevolence and kindness’. It provides the humans with all that is required for the support of life in return of little fodder and grass. Glory of the cows cannot be ever expressed in words!!


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KL shall publish shortly, Vedic wisdom on ‘Natural Pond Creation & Food forest creation – Vatika method’ to sustain dear cows &  for the benefit of all dairy practitioners, which might emerge as a big boon during the tiring summer draught times.


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I m inspired with this story …

Dear Suresh Ji,
KL welcomes you.
It is heartening to know you are inspired from the story.
Yes ! KL’s effort is to spread vedic wisdom to address the challenges faced by the dairy industry.
Vandana Ji’s authoring style touches one & all….has been inspiration to many…
Gadadar ji’s valuable effort is in exploring inspiring stories for the welfare of cows & care takers.
It would be a great step, if we start working towards old vedic wisdom of creating Water bank & vattika’s -food forest in dairy farm .