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Cow Miracle Stories


Treatment of incurable disease

by Gau Seva

In the remote village of Kashipur in Uttar Pradesh lived Ramnath. He was god fearing farmer who believed in serving the cows. He was truthful and peaceful person adored by village elders and respected by the young alike.

Due to reaction of past life karma, Ramlal counteracted a incurable skin disease. He showed it to many Ayurvedic and allopathic practitioners in the hope of getting treated but all was in vain. Ramlal slowly started to become engulfed by worry and desperation. His daily activities slowly reduced to minimum when a time came to that even his family members started avoiding him. They asked him to leave the main house and made his living space in the cowshed.

Ramlal could do nothing for the fate was powerful and time difficult. One day after he had tended the cow and had his bath, hr lay on his cot waiting for the food to be bought for him in the shed by his eldest son. The family used to shun him away for they feared of getting infected by the disease themselves. Ramlal would lament in private but said nothing.

One day a saint was passing the way from where Ramlal collected fodder for his cow. He stopped and sat nearby observing Ramlal very closely. Out of shame Ramlal did everything possible to avoid the sadhu. He tried to get over with the task in hand and escape back to his private and gloomy solitude.

The sadhu understood his agitation came towards him and took his hand in his own. He asked Ramlal in gentle voice son your disease can be treated by the mercy of Gomata. Tears rolled down Ramlal’s eyes as he fought hard to hold them back and trying to believe what he had just heard.

He bent over and touched the feet of the sadhu and crying his heart out he asked what can I do maharaj to get cured.
The sadhu a bit apprehensive now said, you will have to believe my words and do as I tell you. Ramlal agreed and promised him to do as told.

The sadhu said after you have fed the gaumata in her shed give her fresh and clean drinking water to drink. When it had drank its fill fill a glass of water from the same vessel and drink it for three months. Remember you have to drink the same water whenever you feel thirsty. Saying this the sadhu quickly left the place chanting the names of Krishna.

Ramlal started drinking the water left by the Gau mata. After one month the pain and etching left him. At the end of the second month the eruptions and wounds started healing. Finally by the third month was about to pass he was completely free of his dreadful skin disorder.

The miraculous recovery of Ramlal remains a mystery with doctors and villagers till date. If a villager asks him how he got cured he just smiles and says this is the boon of Goseva.

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Vandana Goel

She is a freelancer who loves to write on subjects related to cow conservation, Indian culture and vedic wisdom. She has done her post graduation from IIT Roorkee.

She has written prolifically for websites dedicated to cow protection and conservation as well as for sites that promote Ayurveda, Natural healing techniques and Indian( vedic) Spiritual subjects. ||Krishna Leela|| is happy to make her a part of our team.

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Priya j

Go mata is our real mother who gives her nectar like milk for a baby to old people. Mother s milk for the baby may go for 2 to 3 years. But gau mata gives milk for all ages all through our life. So cow is our real mother whose milk is the only cure for all physical, mental and spiritual illness. Jai go mata!

Roshan singri

I only burn cow dung with cow ghee with camphor daily two times at home do I get benefited by it

Wonderful story to show the miraculous benefits of gau seva. Vandana Ji, we will be obliged if you can write a post for gaukranti.org, a portal to promote the glory of desi cows and benefits of panchagavya based products.

Congrats to KL for this initiative. This is bound to help cow preservation &, therefore , mankind. Vandana’s writing is excellent & extremely inspirational.

Dear Sanjay Bhalla ji,
KL welcomes you. Thanks for your appreciation.
KL Team highly regards your efforts towards best dairy practices.
Best wishes

Jayesh ladani.

Very inspirational story……the more you serve, the more you get. That is why she is KAMDHENU.

Well worded Jayesh ji,

Best wishes,

Nice story Vandana, cow urine and cow dung are used in treating many ailments, this is a very well known fact. I like your style of writing, would wait to read more stories from you. The story also proves that faith and patience are very necessary for success, it may be any feild?

Yr initiative looks interesting! R U interested in working on a book on COW! There is another scholar who has done lot of indepth research on COW?

Dear RP Jain,
Yes,based on request & inspiration from thousands of cow caretakers, ||Krishna Leela Gau Sutra||TM…a wisdom treasure on cow care based on vedic principles will be released shortly. Copyright – all regulatory formalities in process.

KL welcomes all involved in the welfare of cow care & interested in supporting cow caretakers.
Scholars are invited to join & enrich the science of cow care for everyone’s benefit.

Best wishes

Beautiful narration Vandana. Please feel free to contribute your articles to our blog on desicow.org as well.

Dear Shivali,
KL extends a warm welcome to Desicow.org movement…..we at KL appreciate your efforts for the cause of desi cows.
Excellent inspirational effort…..

Best wishes


Great,Vandanaji,Ur writing will lead to Healthy,Wealthy & Prosperous Akhand Bharat.

Mahesh Jagtap

Nice story…!!!
I have heard that baldness can be cured by Gomata by allowing her to lick one’s head 10 min daily..
Is it true..???


Jai gowmatha iam blessed to have gowsevak like Prasad ji and das ji let me tell my practical experience my daughter sreenayaki got cured from eczema by seer power off gowmatha used corticosteroids but nothing is great than pachagavyaa for complete cured within 3months I shared this in our vandegowmataram group ages ago might me our old pals will remember this jai gowmata jai sandpita