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Vedic Science on Cow Emotional World


Most Important Secret & Reason for HIGH MILK = COWS EMOTION.


Cows are also like human being rather more sensitive. So, instead of focusing only on the Feed/Milk Yield/Breed etc., it becomes very important to understand the emotions of cow & care for them like lord Krishna made cows feel happy & comfortable. More than FOOD & WATER, the most important factor for COW is It’s emotion. Cows are also like us rather more sensitive. As per Vedic science, cows also exhibit NAVRASA; 9 EMOTIONAL FEELINGS like humans.


  • Shringara : Love & Bonding
  • Hasya : Joy
  • Karuna : Kind/Compassion
  • Raudra : Anger
  • Veera : Courage
  • Bhayanaka : Terror
  • Bheebhatsya : Disgust
  • Adbutha : Surprise/Anxiety
  • Shantha : Peace /Calm/Relaxed


VEDIC SCIENCE TEACHES us 5 ways to HOW TO TALK TO OUR COWS, OBSERVE & UNDERSTAND their emotional wellbeing. By doing so you can at least make-out whether they are happy, without stress, are they taken care well by the farm labourers / are they happy with their life.

  1. Sitting Posture

If your cows are in sitting posture for more than 60% of the time; it shows better emotional well being & comfort.

If they show hesitation to sit or most of the times standing with blinking eyes, moving their heads in sideways, means they are uncomfortable & stressed.

  1. Ear Posture

If you observe your cows mostly having their ears Straight Upright Or in the front; then they are Anxious/ doubtful/Stressed.

If you observe the ear posture most often to be back drawn or just.

  1. Eyes

If you observe your cows most often have their eyes closed /with little WHITE AREA of the eyes visible; shows they are calm & relaxing.

If you observe the EYE BALL POPPING OUT/SEE MORE OF THE WHITE AREA OF THE EYES; then the cow is experiencing Fear/Pain/Terror.

  1. Walking

If you observe your cows walk with confidence & with head seeing in the front, they are comfortable & experiencing normal emotional state.

If you observe your cows walking with their heads down & making side movements then it might be cow is uncomfortable.

  1. Jump with Joy

If you observe most often your cows Jump with their legs in the air, they are happy & comfortable.

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Makarand Manohar G

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful information. It would be great, to know more, Jai-Hind…

Its lovely to understand cows world of emotions. I could relate it to my cows and glad to find i am able to offer them comfort and happiness most of the time…

Dear Vishal ji,
Its a great pleasure to know your passion for cow welfare & comfort.

Best Wishes,

Dear Vishal ji,
Its a great pleasure to know your passion for cow welfare & comfort.

Best Wishes,