7 Vastu Secrets for Cow Shed Design


7 Vastu Secrets

 for Cow Shed Design


Can I know some useful practical Vastu tips for Cattle Shed Planning?

Yes, Our ancient Vastu wisdom provides valuable simple tips for cow shed design planning. Vastu helps in making effective utilization of the natural resources. This helps in providing comfort to cows & minimizes dairy regular expenses.

As per Vastu only when the beings staying in the place of a subject are taken care well, basic needs met, their emotional well being respected, only then VASTU IS SAID TO BE AUSPICIOUS in the place.


KL Philosophy


KL believes, ensuring harmony with nature & cow behavior is the simple mantra for Cow Shed Planning

Program Benefits:

  1. Tips for Cow shed designing in the North-east direction
  2. Tips for cattle feed area while designing cow shed construction
  3. Tips for simple health care areas in cattle shed
  4. Tips for de-stressing cows & maintaining happy atmosphere in the cow shed
  5. Tips for Bull area in cow shed
  6. Tips for daily routine planning in cow shed
  7. Tips for shade planning in cow shed

KL believes exploring wisdom of Vastu for cow comfort while cow shed designing will add great value to dairy farm. Cows experience comfort & good health. Labours enjoy motivated spirit & ease of work. Minimises unwanted health problems & expenditures. Thereby helps in improving overall profitability of dairy farm.

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