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Vedic Cow Shed

Design Concept Consultation

Invest just Rs.7990/- & save Minimum Rs. 5 Lacs



KL welcomes you to its Vedic cow shed design consultation!


Are you thinking of starting dairy cow shed? Confused on how to start your cow shed design & planning? Find the cow shed construction cost expensive?

On an average, dairy farm starters invest approx min Rs.5 lac to Rs.10 lacs on cow shed construction. Dairy starters find it confusing, tiring when it comes to dairy farm cow shed designing & planning. Unfortunately many without wisdom & wrong decision end up investing heavy amount on dairy cow shed with wrong designs. Dairy cow shed with wrong designing is the root-cause for all problems starting from cow health challenges, low milk production, labour issues finally all leading to dairy farm high expense & failure.

It is very critical to understand basic wisdom that cow shed to be designed as per the need of cow, its behavior and not as per our fancy. KL with years of Vedic research & interaction with dairy farm practitioners has created a powerful consultation program || KL PCS SUTRA || – PANCHMAHABHOOTA Paddhati based cow shed designing & planning.

KL Vedic Cow Shed Philosophy: For starters.

As a philosophy, KL considers only 5 cows to 10 cows cow shed design concept consultation only. More than 10 cows not considered for dairy starters as it is always in the best interest of dairy starter to start phase wise. Gain wisdom. Understand the challenges & demands & then expand the cow shed slowly. This also ensure cows get better living condition as only happy cows can create successful dairy farms.

Program Highlights:

Whatsapp/Telephonic Consultation: WEEKLY TWICE on whats-app/telephonic consultation on your dairy cow shed concept design & planning

Customized Advice: Each dairy farm need varies due to the location features, climatic condition, objective of the dairy farm. Get Customized wisdom advice on as per your dairy farm needs.

Vastu Power:

Vastu Powered cow shed design concepts for your cow shed needs

Design Sketches:

#3 Cow shed design concept sketch options for your exploration.

Concept Consultation Duration: 5 months. Online WhatsApp/Telephonic concept consultation access would be provided for 5 months from the date of subscription.

Following Excluded From The Program:

No Physical personal visits to the location. No personal meeting possible due to huge regular subscription.
No Technical advice & support. Technical support to be sourced at the location of dairy farm.

KL believes COW SHED is like a ||Kalpavruksh ||™ – Treasure house wherein cows enjoy health, comfort, freedom for natural behavior & high profitability for dairy farm. KL Tips are Simple. Practical. Easy to Understand concepts for dairy starters & dairy practitioners.

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Invest on Vedic wisdom for your dream dairy farm success

Celebrate Leela of Wisdom & Prosperity

Celebrate Leela of Wisdom & Prosperity

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  1. December 4, 2019

    hi i am architect, i am into animal shed design , i can help you.

  2. April 26, 2019

    I am from bilaspur chhatisgarh and need to start a dairy farm, want to construct the dairy farm shed for 100 cows , need design details and all necessary knowlegeable material for construction of cow shed for long period of time. pls provide your consultancy charges

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