Vastu Tips for Pregnant Cow Care


Vastu Tips for Pregnant Cow Care!

Healthy Cow Ear Position

Before you start dairy farming; please gain wisdom on basic comfort management for pregnant cow care.

Yes, it is very critical to have basic wisdom on providing a comfortable & healthy environment for pregnant cows to create dairy farming success.

Do you know the common pregnant cow problems? And the comforting atmosphere they require for their basic health & happiness?

Current Challenges!

  • Many times Pregnant Cow faces lot of Health Problems?
  • Many times Pregnant Cows experience uncomfort & stress during calving?
  • Many times Cow does not feed the newly born calf?
  • Many times it is observed, cow does not accept the calf?


Today, before we start our conversation, want to sensitise myself & all involved in cow care/dairy practice to ‘PAUSE’ for a second, think & feel the LIFE OF COW. After many thoughts, my personal view is Humans Live ‘One life at a time’. Whereas cow, I personally feel lives ‘Multiple lives in ONE LIFE- Multiple Jeevan chakra’. Though it is natural, just imagine, almost every year giving birth to a calf, going through the cycle of giving birth, giving milk etc., it is a never-ending cycle of giving by dear cow.

Most of the dairy farm shed designs do not give Special consideration to pregnant cows, Calving comfort & healthy emotional relationship of Cow & Calf. Unfortunately, current practices do not consider any sensitive approach to pregnant cow care. The cow shed design & planning are not executed keeping in mind the need of pregnant cow care. The need for cow & calf emotional bonding is totally neglected with complicated practices. All these simple mistakes create MAJOR PROBLEMS in dairy farming. One of the key reason behind dairy farming failure is stress & complicated practices.

KL Philosophy

 Only Happy &b healthy pregnant cow can create prosperous dairy farm


Cow’s generous & kind offering, the ‘Nectar of Life-Milk’, has been nurturing the entire human race for ages. Krishna with his Leela of innocent love & affection had mastered the science & art of Cow care. If one looks at millions of pictures of Krishna with his beloved cows, one sees bliss, happiness & comfort in the cows.

pancha-maha-bhutaUnfortunately, humans today consider our self to be MORE IMPORTANT & INTELLIGENT than the ‘Maha-Bhuta; Five elements governing the Universe; Earth/Fire/Air/Water/Ether’.

As stated in ||Bhagavad- Gita||, because of our ‘tamasa-buddhi’, intelligence in ignorance, false ego, greed have interfered with the simple art & science of cow care, made it complicated, expensive, un-natural to cow. Today pregnant cows face many challenges & stress all through the entire cycle, especially during calving & after birth. Wish we live our ‘tamasa–buddhi’ & make our humble submission to the law of nature & sincerely try our best for the welfare of cows which has given so much to mankind.

Key Reason?

‘ONE STANDARD DAIRY FARM SHED MODEL IS PRACTISED for all cows be it Milking cow /Dry cow /Pregnant cow/Last trimester cow /Calf/Heifer’.

desi-cow-calf3This approach has limitations & shortfalls. Because a Pregnant cow needs a ‘Simple yet Special Care’. More comfortable & caring design of cattle shed to be considered for pregnant cows/calving/cow-calf togetherness. Golden rule is; only when the cow enjoys comfort, cow is more productive & dairy farm shall be prosperous.

It is very important for the dairy practitioners/new dairy farm shed designs to accommodate SIMPLE – LOW COST – EASY TO PRACTISE – COMFORTABLE – CATTLE SHED CONSTRUCTION for the pregnant cows.

It is important to value the BASIC LAW OF NATURE, let’s use the ancient wisdom VASTUSHASTRA to the best of our ability, understanding & knowledge for the welfare of pregnant cow.


Program Benefits:

  • Simple Practical low cost vastu tips for pregnant cow care
  • Know the mistakes to avoid which can cause problem to pregnant cow care
  • Know simple tips for cow & calf emotional bonding

KL strongly believes, without gaining basic wisdom on the pregnant cow care & problems, starting dairy farm is wrong approach. Knowing simple tips will help in approaching your dream dairy farm in a more meaningful & successful way.

Celebrate Leela of Wisdom & Prosperity

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      #4 – Vastu cattle shed design to support Pregnant cow – Social well being
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      #5 – Vastu design to support Climatic Conditions ||Ritucharya|| & also be friendly for daily routine practice ||Dinacharya||
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      #6 – Vastu tips to provide Preventive Health Care Feed for pregnant cows KL ||GauSwasthVatika||™
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