3 Big Mistakes in Dairy farming


3  Big Mistakes in Dairy Farming

Do you know the 3 common mistakes for dairy farming failure? Know them before you start dairy farming in India?

  • How to start dairy farming in India? Is dairy farming profitable?
  • I want a dairy farming business plan? I want dairy farming project report?
  • What is the cost of setting up a dairy farm in India?

At KL, we receive hundreds of emails regularly. Readers and members ask Various types of questions on Dairy Farming, Cost, Planning, Cowshed Construction, Cow selection etc…

KL Philosophy

Simplicity…is the mother of all success and prosperity!

KL brings you Golden Wisdom from the practices of world’s most successful Cow Care Specialist and Successful Dairy Practitioner – Lord Krishna’s simple leela of gaupalan. Unfortunately, current practices approach dairy farming in a very complicated manner & bring in unwanted expenses which results in great stress & loss to dairy starters & practitioners.

Program Benefits:

  • Know 3 Common mistakes to dairy farming failure
  • Know simple tips to avoid the common mistakes
  • Gain wisdom before you invest your hard earned money

KL believes one should gain wisdom on failures also to become successful. Therefore. before you take a step into the beautiful and challenging World of dairy farming it is important to know the 3 sins which can destroy your dairy dream. Also, It is most important to know the one simple Golden truth behind successful dairy farming.

Celebrate Leela of Wisdom & Prosperity

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