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Increase Gir Cow Milk Production – 7 Golden Tips

Do you know simple tips can help in increasing Gir cow milk production?

If you are thinking of starting gir cow dairy farming or running an existing gir cow farm; it is important to gain wisdom on the Vedic way to increase gir cow milk production per day. Unfortunately, many times with passion & blind following dairy starters  & practitioners as well resort to complicated, expensive & inconsistent dairy practices that adversely causes a lot of misery to cow, labour stress & financial loss to dairy farm. So, KL brings you a basic 7 GOLDEN TIPS, simple guide to expose to certain crucial area of gir cow dairy farming practices.

Is Gir Cow one of the high milk producing Indian cows?

Gir cow high milk yielding cow breed

Yes, do not have any doubt on the milking capacity of Gir cows. Out of the 37 Indian cow breeds, 5 Indian cows are known for high milk yielding; Gir, Tharparkar, Red Sindhi, Sahiwal & Rathi. However, Gir cow with its high adaptability nature & gifted with high milk yielding genetic makeup is one among the best high milk yielding cow breeds.

Gir Cow Dairy Farming!

Like thousands of Gir cow dairy farming enthusiasts, you must be also pondering on the following common questions;

Q #1. How to increase Gir cow milk yield per day?
Q #2. What is the average Gir cow milk yield per day?
Q #3. What is the Gir cow milk Production capacity?
Q #4. How to increase Fat/Milk quality in Gir cow?

What influences Gir Cow Milk Productivity?

Now, let’s first understand the key factors which impact Gir cow milk productivity. As per ancient wisdom, 2 key factors which influence Gir cow milk capacity are;

  • ||आंतरिक-गुण||, Internal Makeup – Genetic Features
  • || बाहरी देखभाल||, External Cow Care & Management

This is a SIMPLE TRUTH, Gir cow genetic makeup is built to produce high milk yield; But needs to be supported with right external cow care i.e. Nutritious Feeding, Comfortable shelter, Good health care practices & breeding management etc. So, it is important to select good breed Gir cows & provide them comfortable-healthy environment to support their well-being & improve productivity.

Kishore Patel, Gir cow dairy farming practitioner, is a firm believer,

“Secret behind Gir cow dairy farming success is that one needs to understand that along with Good Gir Cow breed selection, right management practice is equally important. Also what is more important is that the milking capacity of the Gir cow is defined by the Genetic makeup. Which means on an average Gir cow has the potential of providing approx 10-12+Liter/day. Though there are some Gir cows which produce more than 20+liters/day, they are exceptional cases. So, in comparison to other Indian cow breeds which on an average produce approx 4-5 liters/day, Gir cow are really high yielding cows, provided they are given the right environment & care”

KL Philosophy

||Ksheer Sagar||™

Krishna Leela, KL brings you ||Ksheer Sagar||™; an ancient wisdom to increase Gir cow milk & improve milk quality. ||Ksheer Sagar ||™ is a powerful science based on ancient wisdom, which makes you think & evaluate simple steps in increasing Gir Cow milk production & milk quality in a natural & simple way without additional expenses.

It is based on SEVEN ANCIENT WISDOM PILLARS. Let’s take the wisdom journey…

Program Benefits:

Get Wisdom on 7 Golden Tips to Increase Gir Cow Milk Production

Instead of resorting to expensive & complicated approaches; KL brings you ancient wisdom in a simple way for your understanding & benefit. Hope you would enjoy reading the valuable ancient wisdom & fulfil your gir cow dairy dream.

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