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New Dairy Setup Course

How to Start Dairy Farming in India?

Know the Vedic Way

Dairy farming market in india is estimated at more than Rs 5 Trillion

Dairy farming in India as per experts & research analysts is a high potential market estimated at more than Rs 5 TRILLION; Growing aggressively due to increase in consumer income, health & wellness awareness. Dairy farming has always been a consistent backbone of rural India supporting in their regular income generation. In today’s time, many educated rural youths are showing active interest in starting dairy farming in India. There is a parallel, high interest in urban India, wherein many want to start dairy farming to escape from their hectic work lifestyle. And for many dairy farming is the best way to grace the later part of life after having achieved success at work & family life.

Dairy Farming basic guide for beginners

90% fail in dairy farming- Be cautious!

We do not want to demotivate you. But at the same time, it is important to know the truth, challenges & risks associated with a very promising dairy farming. Main reason behind such high failure in dairy farming startups is due to no earlier knowledge of dairy farming. With high passion & desire to achieve many just blindly jump into dairy farming & then face challenges. Being unprepared & without wisdom give up the beautiful journey of dairy farming.

Dairy Farming Project Report

Do not be in a Hurry; STOP!

Most of the time in a hurry one starts with looking for dairy farm project reports, what is the profit margin? what is the investment required to set up dairy farming? Where to buy cows? which breed of cows? etc etc….
STOP! First Question yourself – Know yourself? Are you designed to face the dairy world challenges & be able to create successful dairy farming? Krishna Leela with years of research & close interaction with dairy farm starters, practitioners understanding the need of basic wisdom guide, presents a unique dairy farming eye-opener guide ||Atmadarshan||. It is a must basic awareness program for people interested in dairy farming.

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Most Popular Online Dairy Farming Program

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First Golden Step to Successful Dairy Farming

Want to start dairy farming in India?

Spare just 2 MINUTES of your precious time. Read through the below, before you start your dairy farm dream journey. Kindly be honest & true in your self-analysis.

||Atma Darshan||™

Know thyself

Answer the below questions.

  • You respect & adore cow as a beautiful creation & not as a machine
  • You have liking for nature, dairy  farm, animals & so  you want to start dairy farming
  • You have a strong will power to work on the ground challenges
  • You are able to enable & engage farm Manpower/labour
  • You care about earth & all living creations
  • You like spending time at  dairy farm & with cows. You & your family feel proud of your dairy farming…


If yes is your answer, KL welcomes you!

Now you can join & enjoy the  basic guide to Dairy farming in India.

Dairy farming strictly is  not for individuals as follows:

  • You want to start dairy farming because you think it is highly profitable
  • You consider cow as a machine.
  • You are not bothered about the Nandi, male calves care.
  • You want to leave your existing job immediately to try dairy farming. “DO NOT LEAVE YOUR JOB!”
  • You want to borrow money without complete understanding & start dairy farm.

YES! If yes is your answer, Please we request you to reconsider your thoughts, may be dairy farming & cow-care is not meant for you at this stage. Sorry!

Save Your Money!

Save Yourself From Stress!

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  1. October 13, 2020

    Iam intrested in dairy farming because ilike cows passainate towards cows .Ihave plenty of fodder availabilety, man power cean water fecility plus financial ability pls ineed help to success my dairy.pls help me in this matter.

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