Gir Cow Selection


Gir Cow Selection

Buying Gir Cow - Beaware

Are you thinking of Gir cow dairy farming? And you are interested to know how to select a Gir cow with high milk capacity?

Gir cow of Gujarat is famous for high milk production. Many visit gir cow farms in Gujarat with the desire to set up gir cow farms. Gir cow milk production is very critical for gir cow farm success. One will come across ‘Gir cow  Sale’ at a lot of places. But many while buying Gir cow, they practice incomplete/wrong approach.

Many gir cow dairy farming starters, follow incomplete approach while selecting high milk capacity gir cow:

  • Before buying just checking  Milking 3 times & recording the  milk quantity
  • Selecting big Udder size. Only looking for a big udder size gir cow.
  • Many practice buying gir cow by just looking at the picture.

The above practices have limitations and incomplete.

KL Philosophy

KL believes in the theory of 7 signs of gir cow selection based on rich ancient wisdom practices

Program Benefits:

Simple Practical Tips

  • Ancient wisdom provides simple natural observation teaching which helps in observing and screening best Gir cow.
  • Do not get cheated by blindly following incomplete practices in gir cow selection

KL strongly believes Cow selection for your dream dairy farm is one of the most critical step which shall either make or break your dream in dairy farming. So, it becomes all the more essential to understand & gain some simple tips in gir cow selection before you invest your hard earned money in gir cow dairy farming.

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