Gir Bull Selection Vedic Way 17 Tips


Gir Bull Selection

Vedic Way

Ancient wisdom strongly believed in Visual Screening of a bull before selecting.

A good Bull is very critical for the success of dairy farm. A wrong selection of Bull or wrong complicated practices of BLINDLY sourcing Bull semen straw defeats the dairy farm purpose. Therefore basic understanding on how to visually screen a good bull becomes extremely important if you are starting a dairy farm.

 Gir Bull Price – Know the Wisdom Truth

Many young dairy farming aspirants and dairy farm practitioners end up doing the key mistake in Bull selection. Gir Bulls are advertised by many at fancy prices for both Gir bull and its semen. It becomes very important to have basic knowledge otherwise one ends up selecting wrong bill, paying high price to a wrong bull, unable to identify a good gir bull.

Gir Bull Selection Tips with Krishna leela || Nandi Sutra ||

Krishna leela believes in || Nandi Sutra||, a wisdom awareness tool in Bull management. 17 Simple visual screenings will aid in screening a good Bull. As per nature law it is challenging to find all 17 screenings to be of top rating. But it is critical to ensure atleast key-critical visual screenings are met.

Program Benefits:

  • Basic wisdom awareness in understanding key visual observations while selecting GIR BULL which is one of the most important factor for a dairy farm success.

Gir Bull Selection – 1st Visual Screening Secret

Healthy Feet, Legs & Sharp Eyes

Look whether the Bull has healthy & firm Feet, legs & eyes. Because only a Bull with good eyesight can seek cows in heat among the herd & with his firm feet & leg can mount cows to mate/service them.

Maldhari’s used to have small group gathering; kind of ‘Nandi darbar’; members used to display Bulls, wherein they used to take around their bulls with pride in circle.  The tribe members would observe from all the sides & see whether the bull walks majestically with ease, firmness, flexibly & shows powerful appearance. Bull should not have a narrow gap in the rear leg, as it shall create problem while mounting the cows. There should not be any lameness, hoof problems etc. This was the most simple observation to start with but which had high significance in bull selection.

Golden Learning; First  important screening is to observe BULLS walking for a while.

Read more to know the other visual screening wisdom before one selects a Gir Bull as this will decide the success fate of a dairy farm. Krishna leela wishes all its esteemed readers a wisdom reading on Nandi Sutra.

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