Gir Bull Price – 10 Caution Sign While Buying


Gir Bull Price

10 Caution Sign while buying

Gir Bull for sale has become such an attraction that young dairy aspirants & even many dairy practitioners can’t resist.

With increase in interest & passion for gir cow dairy farming, many dairy aspirants & current dairy practitioners are always looking for a good girl bull for buying. But unfortunately, many end up doing the mistake of either selecting the wrong Gir Bull breed or the Semen straw later ending up in regretting their decisions.

Bought Gir Bull in a hurry as I was very passionate

Banwari lal Prasad;

” I always had a great passion for Gir Bull. Was looking for a good Gir Bull for my dairy farm . I came across an advertisement online for Gir Bull sale which claimed Gir bull being of the highest repute. In a hurry, without thinking much ended up buying the Gir Bull. Though the Gir bull was good ; had very high aggressive nature which resulted in creating lot of problems at my dairy. Managing the gir bull became a problem. Wish I had understood some basic tips before buying my favourite gir bull”.

Gir Bull – Key to Gir Dairy Farming Success

Bull is one of the KEY CRITICAL FACTOR  in creating successful dairy farming. Genetic pool influences greatly the reproductive health, milk productivity & certain health areas of the dairy farm herd. BULL QUALITY – SUPERIOR BULL WITH DAIRY & MATERNAL TRAITS HAVE GREAT CONTRIBUTION IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR DAIRY FARM. So, be CAUTIOUS & ensure you do not select bulls with low dairy traits.

KL presents simple Vedic wisdom || Nandi  Sutra ||™; Simple 10 CAUTION TIPS to aid you in AVOIDING WRONG BULL SELECTION.

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