Vedic Cowshed Program



Know ancient tips for Vedic cow shed planning

Save Money. Make cost effective cowshed

Design Cowshed that keep cows healthy and happy

Plan cowshed that supports more milk production

Create High Profitable cow farm atmosphere

Know Cowshed construction Challenges and problems, so that you can plan well.

Know common cowshed construction mistakes, so that you do not repeat them.

First Know Cow behaviour & Cow needs, so that your cowshed is friendly to cows.


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CHAPTER 1: ||आत्मदर्शन||™

Know yourself; know your strengths

80%* fail in dairy farming? Know why? Do not repeat the Mistakes?

With passion & complete blindness, people jump into dairy farming without gaining basic wisdom. Many leave their job, invest their hard earned money & suffer loss & stress due to lack of dairy farming knowledge. First, it is very critical to know whether your personality traits are made for managing a dairy farm? What are the challenges and demands of dairy farming?

Experience the ||PanchmukhiDarshan||™ : KL ||AtmaDarshan|| is a unique wisdom experience which takes you close to the reality of Dairy farming. Let your Mind & Soul experience the 5 Dairy farming wisdom worlds before you start dairy farming.

CHAPTER 2: ||गौभावनासूत्र||™

Do you know how to speak to cows?

First Learn to talk to cows before you start dairy farming?

Know how to read cow emotions for effective & profitable dairy farming.

Cows like human beings are sensitive & loving animals. One needs to understand their emotions to make dairy farming successful.

CHAPTER 3: ||गौलोक||™


How to create a happy, healthy & profitable Vedic dairy farm?

What are the characteristics of a MODEL DAIRY FARM & how to create in a simple, low-cost practical way? Know them. Get a step by step guide in creating your dream dairy farm.

CHAPTER 4: ||वासास्थान||™


Save 50% on your investment & dairy farming expenses by following vedic cow shed philosophy.

Do you know the ||MahaPanchabhoota||™ paddhati based cow shed?


For most dairy farm starters &  practitioners, one of the key challenging area is; What are the basic guidelines for designing dairy farm cow shed? How can I create a simple, comfortable & low cost dairy farm cow shed? How can one create cow shed which would enhance milk productivity, breeding, calf care & improve dairy farm prosperity?…etc. It is very important to first understand the practical challenges one faces during cow shed construction. It is very critical to know what are some of the common mistakes committed during the planning of dairy farm cow shed.

Do You Know Dairy Farm Cow Shed Designing & Planning Is The Root Cause For All Problems?

Do You Know A Well Planned Dairy Farm Cow Shed Is The Key Reason For Dairy Farm Success?

Yes !, cow shed is a symbol of ||Kalpavruksha|| – the treasure tree which is the first success corner for creating a prosperous dairy farm & happy-healthy cows. Unfortunately, many times cow shed is designed from the point of view of dairy owners & as per one’s likes – dislikes. The preferred approach is understanding the cow emotional behaviour, practical challenges of everyday dairy farm management, labour friendly designs, cow shed that has important features like; Cow health protection, designed to manage seasonal challenges, design that is cow friendly & low cost. So, it is extremely important to have a basic wisdom on the art & science of dairy farm cow shed construction before one begins……..

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  • Language English
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  1. Chetan Chaparwal
    July 13, 2020

    Kya yeh program hindi me bhi hai?

    • KL Gurukul
      July 15, 2020

      Namaste Chetan ji,
      Yah program abhi keval English me hi uplabddha he.

  2. June 5, 2020


    My name is Pranay Shukla. I am currently having a farm of 25 cows which I am in process of expanding. Will appreciate your help and guidance for Shed planning as well as entire layout setup. I am presently in talks with bankers for getting the required funding. The intended plan is to have a farm of 100 cows along with milk processing unit involved in production of milk products like Ghee, Paneer, Khoa, Curd etc.

    I am not very sure of the course that you are offering. It will be of immense help if I can get further details as I am on decision point of expansion from 25 cows to 100+ for now. My farm is in UP (Jaunpur District)

    Please write back

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