Amrut of Dairy Farms in India



Water = || अमृत ||

Dairy Cattle Water Requirements

Do you know Clean hygienic drinking water for dairy cattle is as important as a nutritious cattle feed?

Yes, Healthy & hygienic drinking water for dairy cows is very critical to ensure good dairy cattle health & high milk productivity. Vedic wisdom says water is like an amrut, soother and nourisher for living beings. Cows should have the freedom to enjoy quality water as & when they like. So, instead of interfering & dictating their daily water requirement, friendly housing design should always support & ensure all time availability of QUALITY WATER- Clean & healthy. Water management is essential for cow’s health & good milk yield.

Dairy cattle Water Management


Water = || अमृत ||

Drinking water for dairy cattle is very critical as Water is one of the most important nutrients for dairy cow milk productivity & good health.

It is said Milk is composed of nearly 80%+ water; therefore milk productivity is also highly influenced by the water quality & quantity intake of dairy cattle. Unfortunately, many dairy farms in India do not give due importance to water management. Most of the time one observes very unhygienic water condition which makes cow hesitant to drink water leading to low productivity & health problems. KL strongly advocates simple Vedic approach to dairy farm water management.

Program Benefit:

  • Dairy water quality check ; 3 Simple Tips: Dung observation, water Colour &  Smell.
  • Dairy Cow favorite water type? Know it
  • Vedic dairy cattle water management & purification Tips
  • Vastu guidelines for dairy farm water planning

Before you start dairy farming, understanding the importance & need for continuous water supply & maintenance is critical. KL wishes its valuable readers to gain basic wisdom in better dairy farm water management for creating dairy success. Without quality water, one cannot imagine creating successful dairy farm.

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