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Top 16 Vastu Tips for Cowshed Designing

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As per Vedic wisdom,
|| A Cow’s presence itself  will make any place auspicious||,

However, it is important to know the vastu Vedic science for better cow care & prosperity to cow caretakers.

KL ||Gau Lok Vastu Shastra||™ answers very critical questions related to cowshed designing & Planning:

Why do cows behave dull, lazy & not bonding-well?

Cow health issues have become a regular problem, Why?

Why is there regular cow reproductive health problem?

Why is there always some challenges & huge expenses?

How to improve cow comfort & health?

How to increase cowshed prosperity?

Many questions answered…

KL ||Gau-lok Vastu Shastra||™, is a powerful Vedic Cow Science based on 2 fundamental principles:
1. Teaches us how to use & manage effectively FREE BENEFITS OF NATURE around us
2. Guides us how to live in harmony with nature for prosperity & peace

Nature provides FREE BENEFITS to all living beings for their well being & healthy survival.
We need to understand the scientific wisdom; Use these FREE BENEFITS to plan cowshed for a healthy, comfortable &  prosperous living. Nature Provides freely following benefits to all:

Enough Sunlight
Fresh Air
Ample Space
Nurturing Water

Vastu Shastra provides simple & practical scientific wisdom to help us enjoy the natural benefits freely

the five basic elements, ‘Panchabhuta’; EARTH, SKY, FIRE, WATER & WIND.


Many cowsheds are DARK WITHOUT SUFFICIENT SUNLIGHT. Unfortunately, North & Eastern side is CLOSED. Cows do not like dark. Darkness does not allow good health & growth!

Many cowsheds DO NOT HAVE PROPER  VENTILATION. Unhealthy GAS ACCUMULATES causing discomfort, health problems to cows & caretakers!

Many cowsheds DO NOT HAVE PROPER OUTFLOW FOR DUNG/URINE & WASTE. Messy surrounding & cluttered cowshed is unhealthy, invites health problems, causes low productivity & unwanted expenses!

Many Cowsheds LOOK UNATTRACTIVE & DULL with scattered surroundings. Cows love airy spacious inviting surroundings!

As per Vedic wisdom, Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi stays in place which is CLEAN, HYGIENIC, ATTRACTIVE & WITH AROMA.

KL ||Gau Lok Vastu Sutra||™ provides Simple Practical Low Cost/Zero Cost Practices.

Now Read. Gain Wisdom & Create A Healthy, Happy & Prosperous Gaushala!

Celebrate Leela of Wisdom & Prosperity

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