Vedic Health Mantra for Gir Cow Dairy Farm


Vedic Health Mantra for 

Gir Cow Dairy Farming Success

Do you know the key reason behind the dairy farming failure is; absence of preventive health care?

Yes, unfortunately, most of the dairy farms practice addressing the health problems & challenges when they become severe. This leads to lot of suffering to dear cows & loss to dairy farm. Vedic wisdom always stresses preventive health care as the best smart practice for dairy farming success.

KL Philosophy

||आरोग्य सुरक्षा पध्दती||™;  Prevention Is Better Than Cure.  Know 7 simple tips for practising Gir Cow Dairy farm healthcare. Vedic wisdom believes in regular DINACHARYA & RITUCHARYA to ensure cows get regular preventive health care instead of addressing the problem only when the health problems occur.


||आरोग्य सुरक्षा पध्दती||™

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Natural. Simple. Low Cost. Practical

Gir Cow Health Tips

Know 7 simple tips for practising Gir Cow Dairy farm healthcare!

Program Benefit:

  • Simple Vedic  Preventive healthcare Tips for gir cow dairy farming success

KL Arogya Suraksha Paddhati is based on the powerful philosophy of PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. One of the main reason for low milk productivity is common cow health problems, which can be avoided by good simple practices. KL wishes its readers to value the ancient wisdom & make best use of the tips in creating successful dairy farm.

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