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Must read foundation program for dairy starters. It is very important to have basic wisdom of dairy before you invest your hard-earned money. This program exposes new dairy starters and existing dairy owners to key areas of dairy farming.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

  • New Dairy Farm Starters
  • Existing Dairy Farms

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How to Start Dairy Farming in India? Do you know the dairy problems & challenges ? Know the Vedic Way. 

Dairy farming in India as per experts & research analysts is a high potential market estimated at more than Rs 5 TRILLION.

However still it is said 90% fail in dairy farming? Why?
Know the wrong steps! Be cautious!

We do not want to demotivate you. But at the same time, it is important to know the truth, challenges & risks associated with a very promising dairy farming. Main reason behind such high failure in dairy farming startups is due to no earlier knowledge of dairy farming. With high passion & desire to achieve many just blindly jump into dairy farming & then face challenges. Being unprepared & without wisdom give up the beautiful journey of dairy farming.understanding the need of basic wisdom guide, KL presents a unique dairy farming eye-opener guide : 

||Atma Darshan||™
KNOW THYSELF & THE DAIRY TRUTH, before you start your journey. 
It is a must basic awareness program for people interested in dairy farming.

The secret to SUCCESSFUL DAIRY FARMING is all about knowing COW EMOTIONS. Before you start dairy farming it is important to understand the various emotional expressions exhibited by cows through eye movement, sounds  & body languages etc.  You can try to know whether a cow is happy, comfortable or stressed, suffering from anxiety-fear-pain etc. This will support you in taking right actions & timely care of them, helping in managing your dairy farm successfully.

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In today’s time,KL definition for GAU LOK means “A well planned dairy farm”; World of Natural – Simple – Low cost resources to sustain Happy & Healthy cows for PROFITABLE DAIRY FARMING.


To sustain a PROFITABLE DAIRY FARM one needs to ensure low cost simple natural resources are utilised to the best advantage without being too much dependent on external factors & to minimise expensive operations & management which drain dairy farm money.

So, First create GAU LOK – Dairy farm layout planning, before you start constructing cow shed & buying cows.


Let’s first hear to our friend Mr Rajendra Chawla and his experience.

Mr. Rajendra Chawla, Dairy Farm Owner, Madhya Pradesh

I first constructed a COW SHED, purchased 30 cows . I had the contact of the local fodder supplier & we had one water source in our farm. I was very confident of fodder vendor supply & the water availability throughout the year. But then I realised I have done a mistake.I suffered lot, as fodder dependence completely on third party became a pain. Was expensive. Water scarcity during summer spoilt my dairy farm dreams.


Yes! it is very important to plan all key resources before starting cow shed construction;

Q. Whether the location is favourable?
Q. Whether water is available all throughout the year?
Q. Is the climate supportive? etc

It is very critical to know what are some of the common mistakes committed during the planning of dairy farm.

So, it is extremely important to have a basic wisdom on the art & science of dairy farm planning before one begins…

Now, let’s understand what are the important, simple, natural, low cost resources that one needs to create in their dairy farm – Gau Lok !

Know Vedic Wisdom To Dairy Farm Planning

Indian Cows

Do You Know Your Local Indigenous Cow Breeds?

गौ परिवार: Know India’s cow family for better decision Making!

Since Vedic times, India has been known to house beautiful family of most potential & productive native cow breeds. It is very interesting & fascinating to observe so many different breeds of cows as one travels across India. Each region boasts of different breeds of Cows that have adapted to the local climatic-geographic condition.

Vedic Wisdom:

MOTHER NATURE is the TRUE MASTER, with time, nature has evolved & adapted various cow breeds to best suit their natural environment for their own sustenance, productivity & propagation. Cows are sensitive to geo-climatic conditions. Indian cows are adapted for the Indian climatic condition of hot weather, humidity…

India has the rich ocean pool of genetic diversity, different breeds for varied uses, best & matchless in the world in its own merit. Indian cows have crafted themselves since Vedic times, evolving their survival & productive capability to match with the challenges of the environment. Indian cows are best suited for the local climate as they have better adaptation ability to the varied climatic conditions be it hot, humid, better disease resistance, low on maintenance etc. Indian cattle belongs to ‘Bos Indicus’; they are characterised by presence of ‘HUMP’, also known as the zebu breed. Whereas the other set of Bos Taurus represents the cows from the European countries etc..

Celebrate Leela of Wisdom & Prosperity


Vedic Guide for Selection of Dairy Cattle
Buying Gir Cow - Beaware

Be Cautious!

Dairy farming in India to be successful one needs to understand the art & science of selecting good dairy cows.

Dairy farming demands wisdom to make it successful. One of the key reasons behind success of dairy farming in India is selection of good breed of cows. It is a huge task & challenge while selecting best cows for commercial dairy farming in India. Krishna Leela receives huge requests on ancient traditional Knowledge for dairy farming success.  Yes ! Vedic wisdom provides simple yet practical effective way in the right selection of DAIRY CATTLE BREED & the right selection of dairy cow among the chosen breed.

 Kishore Sharma, Mangalore, Karnataka

I have a great passion & dream to set-up my DAIRY FARM at my native place, 12 km from Mangalore city. I want to setup 50 Indian dairy cow farm to start with. Have been searching for the best Indian cow breed. The most challenging task I am facing is which dairy cow breed to select? Then how to select the best cow for dairy farming?  I am looking for Indian cows like Gir cow, Sahiwal cow, as I heard from my cousin keshav, Hf cows are delicate & have low resistance to Indian climate. HF cows need more attention care & expensive to manage them. But at the same time finding the right Indian breed & selecting best cow is appearing to be very tiring & confusing. My grandma used to share stories of Surabhi cows in heaven giving joyful milk in plenty like a ever flowing river, I do not want to be too greedy, but  I am in search of my surabhi cow…

Dairy Farming  In India –  Tips for good dairy cow identification!

Most of us ask the PRE-MATURE QUESTIONS LIKE; 

Q. What is the cow price list for good dairy cow in India?


Q. Which breeder provides BEST DAIRY COWS?

Q. Where should I TRAVEL in search of BEST DAIRY FARM COWS?

Q. How to start dairy farming in India with good breed dairy cows?

The questions are endless, the search is endless & many times we find ourselves & our dear friends travelling far & wide in search of the so-called POTENTIAL BEST INDIAN DAIRY FARM COW! TRUTH & OPPORTUNITY many times is VERY SIMPLE & IN CLOSE DISTANCE; the so-called BEST DAIRY COW might be in the very close vicinity of our own place, in our own neighbourhood neglected.


How to Start Dairy Farm in India?

Firstly it is very important to have an understanding of one-self; whether one has the dairy farming characteristics to make dairy farming success. KL suggests one to undergo self-evaluation before jumping into dairy farming & burning ones hard earned money. KL || atma darshan || makes one understand the various individual requirements, challenges & risks associated with starting dairy farming in India.   Atma Darshan is all about self-introspection, being in the stage of self-awareness one realises the TRUTH & POWERFUL WISDOM to see the task more OBJECTIVELY.

KL ||AtmaDarshan||™ strongly believes one should FIRST understand the characteristics of a good dairy farm cow.

Ask yourself the following questions;

Q. Do I know the beautiful world of dairy cows?

Q. Do I know the Characteristics of a good dairy cow?

Q. What to look for when buying a dairy cow?

Q. Selection Tips for dairy cattle -best cow for milk in India?

Q. Which cow gives more milk in India; highest milk producing cow breed in India?

Q. Highest milk-producing cow per day in India?

Q. Which cow is best suitable for dairy farming in India? 


Q. From the pool of dairy cow herd, How to identify which cow is the best dairy cow?

Secondly, one needs to understand the art & science of selecting good dairy farm cows.

KL Philosophy

KL  based on ancient wisdom has formulated a basic guide || Surabhi Saptgun|| which provides some basic info in identifying & selecting a good dairy cow.

Ancient traditional Knowledge in Identifying the best Indian dairy Cow!

Krishna Leela with years of research & close interaction with dairy practitioners has formulated a powerful Vedic wisdom ||SurabhiSaptgun|| ™, A Simple Basic Guide which is aimed to assist in the selection of good dairy farm cows. Surabhi as per ancient Vedic wisdom means ‘WISH FULFILLING COW’; the cow which fulfils one’s all wishes. Surabhi is the Kamadhenu of all cows which brings PROSPERITY, HEALTH, JOY, FAME & HAPPINESS. Every dairy farm desire is to own a SURABHI DAIRY COW. But the challenge is how to select a Surabhi cow?

Best Cows for Commercial Dairy Farming in India? Know the ancient dairy farming wisdom?

It is important if you starting a dairy farm or practising dairy, you need the true wisdom, art, science to identify the Surabhi among cows while selecting cows for your dairy farm. It is believed, SURABHI exists in each & every cow with varying merits. One needs to have the humble sincere eye to feel & respect the Surabhi in each cow. And if you are not aware of the basics chances are you might select wrong cows or even get CHEATED.

Best Indian Milking Cow Breeds for dairy farming in India!

Among the pool of Indian cow breeds; cows known for high milk yielding are Sahiwal, Gir, Rathi, Tharparkar, Red Sindhi.

But the word ‘BEST’ which is an adjective is dependent on various variables like Proper nourishment/Proper healthcare/ Proper Housing / Cow’s Lifecycle stage etc. As the variables change so does the merit of ‘BEST’ changes; in simple words, it is said even a high yielding Dairy cow can become low productive due to improper care, similarly an average yielding cow can become a high yielding SURABHI dairy cow with proper care & love. Actually, NO COW IS NON-PRODUCTIVE. All Non-Productive cows are MAN-MADE with his wrong interference, complications & wrong practises. Having understood this, it shall be important to train oneself in rich observation, develop the art & science of Vedic wisdom, so that the Surabhi Saptgun in the cow is identified & developed for its full potentiality & in the creation of wealth.

KL strongly believes one needs to understand the art & science of good dairy cow selection before starting dairy farming.

Celebrate Leela of Wisdom & Prosperity

3  Big Mistakes in Dairy Farming

Do you know the 3 common mistakes for dairy farming failure? Know them before you start dairy farming in India?

How to start dairy farming in India? Is dairy farming profitable?

I want a dairy farming business plan? I want dairy farming project report?

What is the cost of setting up a dairy farm in India?
At KL, we receive hundreds of emails regularly. Readers and members ask Various types of questions on Dairy Farming, Cost, Planning, Cowshed Construction, Cow selection etc…

KL Philosophy

Simplicity…is the mother of all success and prosperity!

KL brings you Golden Wisdom from the practices of world’s most successful Cow Care Specialist and Successful Dairy Practitioner – Lord Krishna’s simple leela of gaupalan. Unfortunately, current practices approach dairy farming in a very complicated manner & bring in unwanted expenses which results in great stress & loss to dairy starters & practitioners.

Program Benefits:
Know 3 Common mistakes to dairy farming failure
Know simple tips to avoid the common mistakes
Gain wisdom before you invest your hard earned money

KL believes one should gain wisdom on failures also to become successful. Therefore. before you take a step into the beautiful and challenging World of dairy farming it is important to know the 3 sins which can destroy your dairy dream. Also, It is most important to know the one simple Golden truth behind successful dairy farming.

Celebrate Leela of Wisdom & Prosperity

Water = || अमृत ||
Dairy Cattle Water Requirements

Do you know Clean hygienic drinking water for dairy cattle is as important as a nutritious cattle feed?

Yes, Healthy & hygienic drinking water for dairy cows is very critical to ensure good dairy cattle health & high milk productivity. Vedic wisdom says water is like an amrut, soother and nourisher for living beings. Cows should have the freedom to enjoy quality water as & when they like. So, instead of interfering & dictating their daily water requirement, friendly housing design should always support & ensure all time availability of QUALITY WATER- Clean & healthy. Water management is essential for cow’s health & good milk yield.

Dairy cattle Water Management


Water = || अमृत ||

Drinking water for dairy cattle is very critical as Water is one of the most important nutrients for dairy cow milk productivity & good health.

It is said Milk is composed of nearly 80%+ water; therefore milk productivity is also highly influenced by the water quality & quantity intake of dairy cattle. Unfortunately, many dairy farms in India do not give due importance to water management. Most of the time one observes very unhygienic water condition which makes cow hesitant to drink water leading to low productivity & health problems. KL strongly advocates simple Vedic approach to dairy farm water management.

Program Benefit:
Dairy water quality check ; 3 Simple Tips: Dung observation, water Colour &  Smell.
Dairy Cow favorite water type? Know it
Vedic dairy cattle water management & purification Tips
Vastu guidelines for dairy farm water planning

Before you start dairy farming, understanding the importance & need for continuous water supply & maintenance is critical. KL wishes its valuable readers to gain basic wisdom in better dairy farm water management for creating dairy success. Without quality water, one cannot imagine creating successful dairy farm.

Celebrate Leela of Wisdom & Prosperity 

7 Wisdom Pillars to Increase Cow Milk

Ancient wisdom provides simple practical low cost approach to increasing dairy cow milk production.

Instead of blindly resorting to expensive & complicated practices, it is important first to understand what are the critical areas which influence dairy cow milk production.

KL Philosophy

||Ksheer Sagar ||™ is a powerful science helps in increasing Cow milk production & milk quality in natural & simple way without additional expenses. It is based on Seven Ancient Wisdom Pillars;

Pillar 1: ||Gau – Anand Sutra||™ – KNOW  THE  EMOTION HORMONE


Pillar 2: ||Saptgun Ahaar||™

KNOW 7 SIMPLE ZERO COST MILK PROMOTING HERBS, which can be easily grown in farm to increase milk production and milk quality.

Pillar 3: || Achaar -Vichaar ||™ Ethical Good Practices

Pillar 4: ||Amrit|| – Water

Pillar 5: ||Arogya Suraksha Paddhati||™


Pillar 6: ||Vasasthan||™


Pillar 7: Music Therapy

Kl wishes its readers to enjoy the beautiful wisdom of 7 pillars to increase cow milk in a natural safe cost effective way for the final happiness of cow & for dairy prosperity.

Celebrate Leela of Wisdom & Prosperity

3 Vastu Tips for Pregnant Cow Care!

Before you start dairy farming; please gain wisdom on basic comfort management for pregnant cow care.

Yes, it is very critical to have basic wisdom on providing a comfortable & healthy environment for pregnant cows to create dairy farming success.

Do you know the common pregnant cow problems? And the comforting atmosphere they require for their basic health & happiness?

Current Challenges!

Many times Pregnant Cow faces lot of Health Problems?
Many times Pregnant Cows experience uncomfort & stress during calving?
Many times Cow does not feed the newly born calf?
Many times it is observed, cow does not accept the calf?


Today, before we start our conversation, want to sensitise myself & all involved in cow care/dairy practice to ‘PAUSE’ for a second, think & feel the LIFE OF COW. After many thoughts, my personal view is Humans Live ‘One life at a time’. Whereas cow, I personally feel lives ‘Multiple lives in ONE LIFE- Multiple Jeevan chakra’. Though it is natural, just imagine, almost every year giving birth to a calf, going through the cycle of giving birth, giving milk etc., it is a never-ending cycle of giving by dear cow.

Most of the dairy farm shed designs do not give Special consideration to pregnant cows, Calving comfort & healthy emotional relationship of Cow & Calf. Unfortunately, current practices do not consider any sensitive approach to pregnant cow care. The cow shed design & planning are not executed keeping in mind the need of pregnant cow care. The need for cow & calf emotional bonding is totally neglected with complicated practices. All these simple mistakes create MAJOR PROBLEMS in dairy farming. One of the key reason behind dairy farming failure is stress & complicated practices.

KL Philosophy

 Only Happy &b healthy pregnant cow can create prosperous dairy farm


Cow’s generous & kind offering, the ‘Nectar of Life-Milk’, has been nurturing the entire human race for ages. Krishna with his Leela of innocent love & affection had mastered the science & art of Cow care. If one looks at millions of pictures of Krishna with his beloved cows, one sees bliss, happiness & comfort in the cows.

Unfortunately, humans today consider our self to be MORE IMPORTANT & INTELLIGENT than the ‘Maha-Bhuta; Five elements governing the Universe; Earth/Fire/Air/Water/Ether’.

As stated in ||Bhagavad- Gita||, because of our ‘tamasa-buddhi’, intelligence in ignorance, false ego, greed have interfered with the simple art & science of cow care, made it complicated, expensive, un-natural to cow. Today pregnant cows face many challenges & stress all through the entire cycle, especially during calving & after birth. Wish we live our ‘tamasa–buddhi’ & make our humble submission to the law of nature & sincerely try our best for the welfare of cows which has given so much to mankind.

Key Reason?

‘ONE STANDARD DAIRY FARM SHED MODEL IS PRACTISED for all cows be it Milking cow /Dry cow /Pregnant cow/Last trimester cow /Calf/Heifer’.

This approach has limitations & shortfalls. Because a Pregnant cow needs a ‘Simple yet Special Care’. More comfortable & caring design of cattle shed to be considered for pregnant cows/calving/cow-calf togetherness. Golden rule is; only when the cow enjoys comfort, cow is more productive & dairy farm shall be prosperous.

It is very important for the dairy practitioners/new dairy farm shed designs to accommodate SIMPLE – LOW COST – EASY TO PRACTISE – COMFORTABLE – CATTLE SHED CONSTRUCTION for the pregnant cows.

It is important to value the BASIC LAW OF NATURE, let’s use the ancient wisdom VASTUSHASTRA to the best of our ability, understanding & knowledge for the welfare of pregnant cow.


Program Benefits:

Simple Practical low cost vastu tips for pregnant cow care
Know the mistakes to avoid which can cause problem to pregnant cow care
Know simple tips for cow & calf emotional bonding

KL strongly believes, without gaining basic wisdom on the pregnant cow care & problems, starting dairy farm is wrong approach. Knowing simple tips will help in approaching your dream dairy farm in a more meaningful & successful way.

Celebrate Leela of Wisdom & Prosperity

Dairy Cow Health  Problems Prevention
Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Do you know approx. 70% of common diseases in dairy cattle can be prevented with simple Vedic tips?

Yes, common dairy cow health problems like mastitis, foot, mouth, skin, digestion can be prevented by following simple ancient dairy cattle health practices which are simple, natural & low cost. Vedic wisdom believes & strongly advocates for PREVENTIVE HEALTH CARE. As preventive healthcare is the best in managing health & productivity of cows. Krishna Leela Arogya Suraksha Paddhati prescribes defined practices for daily & regular health maintenance of cows.

|| आरोग्य सुरक्षा पद्धती ||™

Simple Vedic Wisdom For Dairy Cattle Health Care Is
Vedic Cattle Feed + Ancient Regular Dairy Practices

Preventive healthcare helps in trying our best to keep unwanted health problems away. It is very critical & important to practice Preventive healthcare for dear cows than invite the disease & then try to treat the cow health problems. Preventive care is easy, low cost & wise practice. Treating disease is always challenging, painful & high cost/losses observed. So, practising a ritual of Preventive care for cows is the best care. Preventive care helps in keeping cows Healthy, Fit & productive.

Program Benefit:
Common Diseases in Dairy Cow: Gain basic wisdom about common  diseases & health challenges in dairy cattle
Dairy Cattle health problem symptoms: Gain basic wisdom on common dairy cow disease symptoms so that you can manage them better
Vedic Dairy cow healthcare tips: Gain wisdom on simple Vedic tips on preventive health care for dairy cow farming
Vedic Seasonal dairy farming tips: Gain wisdom on seasonal ancient dairy farming tips

Without having basic knowledge of dairy cow health problems & challenges it is not possible to create a healthy, happy profitable dairy farming. KL wishes & encourages all its valuable readers to gain simple Vedic tips on cow health management so that you are equipped much better in creating a successful dairy farm. 


Are You Ready To Start?


Are You Ready To Start?

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