|| Atma Darshan ||™

Before we venture into the beautiful, rewarding yet challenging the world of dairy farming, Vedic wisdom always advice for Self-Evaluation -||Atma Darshan||™. Because the foremost important reason for success is; ‘Understanding Self’; One’s own Strength, Weaknesses, Adaptability etc with reference to the Dairy farming. It is important to know, evaluate & introspect whether one has the basic traits for dairy farming before jumping into the dairy world in haste & without wisdom.

Welcome to the world of ‘self-introspection’; to question yourself; to know yourself better which will aid in your better decision making.

Please spare just 2 minutes to read through the below, before you begin your dream journey of dairy farming. Kindly be honest & true in your self-analysis.


||Atma Darshan||™

Know thyself

Answer the below questions.

  • You respect & adore cow as a beautiful creation & not as a machine
  • You have liking for nature, dairy  farm, animals & so  you want to start a dairy business
  • You have a strong will power to work on the ground challenges
  • You are able to enable & engage farm Manpower/labour
  • You care about earth & all living creations
  • You like spending time at farm & with cows. You & your family feel proud of your dairy farming business


If yes is your answer, KL welcomes you!

Now you can enjoy the Concept awareness education program.

Krishna Leela is STRICTLY NOT FOR individuals as follows:

  • You want to start dairy business because you think it is highly profitable
  • You consider cow as a machine.
  • You are not bothered about the Nandi, male calves care.
  • You want to leave your existing job immediately to try dairy farming.
  • You want to borrow money without complete understanding & start dairy farm
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YES! If yes is your answer, Please we request you to reconsider your thoughts, maybe dairy & cow-care is not meant for you at this stage. Sorry!


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Dairy Farming; First Golden Step

Dairy Farming Common Mistakes.

Dairy Farming Challenges.



    Leela of knowing self,  for betterment of self & the world

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I love Desi govu matha.

Dear sir,
I am a voluntery retired engineer at the age of 34 and chosen Horticulture as my life meaning along with growing 2 cows of hallikar and I am enjoying the milk taste , though they give very little qty of milk.

Now I am thinking of keeping 2 cows of gir cows, as i heard that are very good and farmer friendly and heard about you that you are encouraging farmers, who wants to grow them . can i take your help in my last stage of my life and help me in getting 2 young gir variety cows .

Thanking you and waiting for your positive reply. G.p.Rao, farmer.

Srikar Ghanekar

The Self Evaluation is beautiful concept. Running after profitability is sheer nonsense. The self evaluation should also include whether you have handled the cows waste by your own hand and what do you feel upon this action. Unless you understand the importance of handling the cows waste you are a fool to enter into the dairy farming. It should also include whether you have knowledge of cows urine and its importance and can you bear the smell. Failing to answer these question sincerely will automatically discard the idea of entering into the dairy farming as this is the basic requirement.

pawan kumar singh

I love gou mata


i really appreciate this


It is a great thought to serve world, I personally wish that each Indian can get this GIR COW milk so that entire Indians can be healthy.Niraj Singh.


thats a very gud thought but rather i would want that every indian should have a cow so that we all can take care of our lovely mothers.

N s jagdale

Very true……till each house was having cow all were happy and healthy

Kiran n

I love natural creation.


India develop in cow save