Dairy Profitability



Addresses 1 Key Question on Economics of dairy management:

Q#1. What are the KEY CRITICAL AREAS OF COST/EXPENSES in dairy management ; Which needs to be MANAGED SMARTLY – THE VEDIC WAY ?

Krishna Leela ||Gua- Palan Arthashastraa||™, Is a distilled powerful ECONOMIC MODEL which Highlights the KEY FINANCIAL AREAS in cow care which needs to be focused & manged effectively to achieve the 2 fold Objectives:

  1. Cows are taken care well in a Cost-Effective VEDIC WAY so that cows enjoy happy life.
  2. Cow caretakers enjoy prosperity & Health- wealth creation the VEDIC WAY

It is very critical to have a deep practical understanding on the economic management to ensure success in cow care. Many dairy practises fail due to wrong economic understanding of cow management or focusing on the wrong areas or wrong approach to dairy management. Krishna leela, Gau-Palan Arthashastra is based on strong Vedic ANKH SHASTRA which has 2 branches: COST MANAGEMENT & PROFIT MANAGEMENT.

Ankh Shastra ; Branch #1: COST MANAGEMENT

Which are the key COST AREAS?

Goldan-coinsApprox. 50%  Expense: Fodder

Approx. 30%  Expense: Labour  & Variables

Approx. 20% Expense : Medical Expense

These are approx. estimation would vary from dairy to dairy basis  the  practices considered.

Krishna Leela ||Gau -Palan Arthashaastra||™, Advocates focus on 3 areas to manage cost effectively:

  1. Open Grazing: Natural feeding
  2. Simplified Vedic Practises
  3. Vedic Preventive Health care

Only with open grazing one can ensure Cost effective management of cow care, providing nutritious balanced feed for all including the old cows/Bulls etc. Cows shall enjoy Vedic self grazing & enjoy freedom of animal behaviour. Simplified process helps in labour friendly practises & easy management. Preventive Health care ensures cows remain healthy productive & happy.

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