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Water = || Amruth ||

Are your cows drinking LESS WATER   or   Showing hesitation to drink?  Water quality might be an issue!

Immediately check for your water quality….

Amrut Sukh

Vedic wisdom says, water is like an amrut, soother and nourisher for living beings.Cows should have the freedom to enjoy quality water as & when they like. So, instead of interfering & dictating their daily water requirement, friendly housing design should always support & ensure all time availability of QUALITY WATER- Clean & healthy.

Water management is essential for cow’s health & good milk yield.

Cows Favourite Water Type?

Cows like water which is ; PURE & CLEAN, free from impurities like harmful  MICROBES / ALGAE / PROTOZOA / PESTICIDES / POLLUTANTS. Should have NO BAD TASTE / NO ODOUR & COLOURLESS.

Vedic Water Management & Purification

  1. Sun Rays – Natural water purifier

Ensure right housing design that follows vedic wisdom ensuring construction of water storage in the right direction & design elements to facilitate quality water availability. Water storage in North-East direction is said to be helpful as it provides natural thermal purification from sun. Sun with its powerful natural thermal purification restores water quality with no additional effort & cost.

  1. TULSI – Water Purification Herbs

Vedic science believes adding few leaves of fresh TULSI; purifies water.

Easily available/farm grown tulsi can be used as an effective herbal medium for water purification & also as a regular natural immunity builder for cow’s better health.

  1. Clean Cloth Filters – work as Mechanical Filters

Low cost cleansing filters like;Simple White – Clean Cloth attached to the taps, helps in filtering at least some dissolved Impurities.

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Water-Amrut as a Powerful Health drink @ NO COST & NO LABOUR & many more…..

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