Music ! Increase Gir Cow Milk Naturally!





प्रियवाक्यप्रदानेन स‌र्वे तुष्यन्ति जन्तवः।

तस्मात्तदेव वक्तव्यं वचने का दरिद्रता।।

Kind and gentle words make everyone happy.

Hence kind words should be used when one speaks.

Why should there be  scarcity of kind words in one’s speech?

Pleasant music is the kindest form of word on earth. . . .


One Simple Answer


¯¯¯¯ MUSIC ¯¯¯¯

Zero Cost, Natural, Practical & Simple Way

DO YOU KNOW THE COW SONG? Read more, to know. . .

Yes! In addition to nutritional feed & housing care, cow emotional wellbeing is the most critical area for milk productivity.

If we think for a moment, we realise, Nature is ALL MUSICAL & always musical…every day early morning we hear to the soothing chirping of birds…. breezy sound of trees & many more…

Kuhuuuu… Kuhuuuuuu… Kuhuuuu. . .

chik… chik. . . chik… chik… chik… chik…

Sound is the first language of all beings created. Sound is the universal language which connects humans & animals-birds; all living entities.

What? Does Music really  make cow’s give more Milk?

Is it believable? I doubt? How can music comfort cows?

These were the typical questions I asked myself when I started my research journey many years back.

Many years back, I set on my journey to visit the beautiful towns in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

During my visit to these beautiful welcoming places I made it a point along with my travel leisure, I speak to as many cow caretakers as possible on their wisdom on cow care & tips on ancient practices.

To name few, my journey included Mysore, Nanjangud, Coorg, Ooty, Malnad areas, karwar, gokarn, dharmasthala, Udupi, Kukke subramanya swamy temple, Sringeri temple, Annapoorneshwari temple, Lakshmi Narasimha swamy temple, Madurai, Meenakshi temple, Kanchipuram, Govinda Tirupati, Palani, Shirdi, Shani maharaj temple etc…

I was puzzled to see cows around some of these famous temples were calm, relaxed, stress-free, resting under the tree shades in all comfort & happiness. Eager to find answer to the question – Does Music help cows enjoy comfort & make them give more milk? I asked the question to almost more than 2 dozen cow caretakers around these places. On hearing to their answer I realised the SIMPLE TRUTH OF MUSIC. The answer I discovered was…



Music make cows relaxed & helps increase cow milk around 10-15%.

Secondly, if you take into consideration relaxed cow without stress have better chances of overall health & thereby better reproductive health. Which means the benefit on overall scale will be much more than just 15% milk increase.

Among many answers, one abrupt answer by 7 year old boy, Raju, who was standing next to his father made me feel TRUTH IS ALWAYS SIMPLE & NATURE IS THE BEST TEACHER.

Raju said in his natural boyish way…

“Me & my cow ‘Ragini’ both enjoy when my mother sings while milking. I get more milk to drink. But when my father milks, I get bit less milk. He does not sing & is strict with cows”

The answer was simple, but soaked my heart with joy for discovering the golden wisdom.

MUSIC is nothing but 


When cow-caretakers attend to cow with their happy mood, make some humming ‘Ghun Ghunana’ or sing broken song whatever they know, they spread the comfort, cows feel more relaxed. Otherwise cows are usually used to harsh sounds-‘Haihhh…Yeahhhh…. Loud sound & big pat hit on its thigh’, which makes cow more agile than relaxed.

The words of little Raju, made me recall our childhood days. Mother’s magical lullaby & humming to calm the crying baby is an established wisdom. We all have grown up to the sweet lullaby of our parents & elders. Lullaby & music rhymes, a phonetic collection of sounds, have comforted us as a little kid, put us to healthy sleep, made us stop our cries, taught us our first step to learning. Music is the language of kids & touches all creations, including our dear cow.

Similarly, the temples usually play beautiful soothing steady music at defined times daily. Usually the music is based on the Veena & flute instruments, which are very melodious & soothing. Cow sheds which were around the vicinity had a healthy influence of the music. Made cows relaxed, comfortable & gave more milk.

To further strengthen the reason to believe, let’s take few steps back to our ancient history, rich with music….

ANCIENT MUSIC CHRONICLES! Since centuries Music has been the healing secret all over the world.

Folklore & stories believe; legendary Tansen, one of the greatest musician;

  • He brought down the rain showers with Raga Megh Malhar
  • He was successful in lighting lamps with his famous raga Deepak.
  • Other stories share about tansen ability to calm down wild animals & talk to them.
  • One story makes a claim that Tansen calmed down a fierce & aggressive elephant which could not be tamed.

Now, let’s knock the door of science to seek scientific evidence …

Scientific Evidence

Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose, world renowned, Indian plant physiologist and physicist, spent all his life researching on the environmental responses of plants. From his research, he established ‘Plants react to the Vibrations’.

Vibrations caused by musical instruments & foot dancing increased the plant growth. Plants respond to particular type of music. SOFT MELODIOUS MUSIC like classical, devotional music has positive influence on plant growth, fruiting & flowering. Plants do not hear the music; they feel the vibrations of the sound waves. Sound–vibration is a stimulus which impacts the performance of plant by better synthesis of nutrients for its growth.




Music therapy influences the nervous system in positive manner for various health benefits. Music has impact on Psychological & Physiological well-being.

  • Reduces tension & stress
  • Regulates levels of stress hormones in the body
  • Improves functioning of the immune system
  • Decreases level of stress hormones

From the above, we can believe music might work for cow comfort. Music stimulates cow, their senses & believed to help in activating key healing hormones. Music can alter cow’s emotions & behaviour. Music is believed to trigger healing hormones, which naturally relieve pain & anxiety in cows. Also believed to help in release of oxytocin, which is known as the ‘Maternal-Love-Affection- Trust Hormone’.



Let’s take the reference of our own SELF EXPERIENCE. When we hear to a particular sound type, say heavy sound we might get irritated or restless. When we listen to a sound which is soothing we feel happy & comfortable.

Indian Music has rich treasure of various forms of music’s, rāgas meant for different times of the day, for different seasons & as per occasions.

Though I should confess I do not have any knowledge on Music & ragas, from some of the ancient chronicle’s I can recall;

  • Raag Bhairav, believed to be gifted by Lord Shiva is considered a morning raga.

  • Raga Bhupali for early morning

  • Raga Malkaush considered at night

  • Vasanta is the raga of spring season

  • Gaud Malhar and MiyanMalharrag were considered mostly during Monsoon season

  • Raga Malhar believed to appease rain god Indra to shower rain

Though the ‘Ragas’ are sung as per the various time zone, I personally feel the MOOD of the SOUL selects the MUSIC TYPE.

[We welcome if you are aware of music, practitioner of music , to contribute  music, cow songs for spreading this noble movement for cow care & dairy farm prosperity. You can kindly mail us @ our Contact Us to enable uploading of the music & feedback. Thank You]

For cow care, what is important is any language, any music which has the RASA- EMOTIONS of :

  • Shānta-rasa; Peace
  • Vātsalya (वात्सल्य) Parental Love

For our simple understanding, basically Soft, Melodious, Steady track music’s are beneficial to cows. Not Rock/Heavy sound music.

How to practice SIMPLE ZERO COST MUSIC THERAPY for Increasing dairy milk production & overall cow care?


KL, always takes inspiration from the leela of Krishna, world’s best cow herd master. Krishna the universal truth, has exhibited always with a flute, soothing music for the cows. From millions of images available one can see Krishna portrayed playing flute & his cows enjoying calmness & bliss.

KL believes in the magical benefits of music on Cows, by following simple steps for increasing cow milk & support better emotional well-being of cattles.

Krishna Leela ||Manodharma Sangita||

Cow Song : “Singing – making sound as per one’s emotional feeling & mood”

For common man understanding, our ancient wisdom broadly categorised our music into 2 categories:

  • Learned & properly planned form of music

    Which needs rigorous training & practice to learn the art of music. As most of us are not learned musicians, I would not make my effort on this form of music.

  • Manodharma Sangita

    ‘Our Music’

The second form of music is purely impromptu, not learned, not planned, just singing, making sounds, humming as per one’s mood without any inhibition. Singing as per one’s emotional status is actually the expression of our emotions is known as Mano Dharma Sangeeta – Singing as per the status of one’s mood. Here, music is created on the spot as per the mood of the soul & the requirement. Because mood defines the kind of sound required. So, it is not required to master the music or the ragas. Just we need to be sensitive to the emotion expressions of cows.
Vedic Wisdom strongly advocates cow caretakers to practice Manodharma sangita, the most powerful & beautiful science which affects the psychological & physiological well-being of cows; For your dairy farm for increasing dairy milk you can explore the following tips-

Your own self-created Sounds / Music


1  ‘Humming – Whistling- Soft melodious Sound ’

“Hmmmmm…. lalalalala…hmmmmm…. lalalalalalalala”

Practise melodious Humming/making sounds whenever you touch the cow, while milking, while feeding. Teach them to the cow care takers in your dairy farm too.

Dairy Milk is healthier when cows are healthy, not stressed, not under too much medicines / treatments!

Why Humming?

Whenever you milk the cow,  humming  & gentle stroking of the udder would be a magical touch to increase the  cow milk naturally.

A melodious Humming gives comfort & confidence to the cow; it de-stresses cow, makes her feel more comfortable & accepts your presence & caretakers working at farms much better. Humming or making sound is magical.

Can you recall when we make some kind of sound to even a street dog; ‘Chhhh…chhh…chhh’- a kind of Inviting sound, the unknown dog wags its tail with happiness to the stranger. Just a simple sound creates magical bonding; dog feels confident, comfortable & approaches you.

Similarly, cows also respond positively to sounds; So, please practise humming, making melodious sounds in your dairy farm when around with cows.

Sound: Before taking cow for grazing

Sound: At night when cow standing or sitting

Sound: Call a cow towards you

2  Call Cows with ‘NAMES’

Ancient vedic puranas share, our lord Krishna the world’s best  gau palak, used to call cows with different names as per colour, Behaviour etc. Yes, cows love to be called by names.

DAIRY FARM; How to increase Dairy Milk?

Organic Milk, which involves practice of not using  synthetic, chemical – artificial feeds, too much external medical inputs is a boon to healthy society.  Music & musical approach also helps in the great step towards Organic Milk Production.

In your dairy farm, to increase the dairy milk, do a simple Namkaran today for your cow & start addressing, calling her by that name. Slowly with time, cow will understand the NAME given to her, instils a feeling of bonding, de-stresses & provides comfort.

Nandini…. . Tunga…. . Bhadra…. . Ragini…. etc…. lovely names to call cows with love & ‘DE-STRESS THEM’.

Sound: Before going to milk a cow

3  Daily Play Soothing & Melodious Music


Usually it is said music based on Veena & flute instrument are soft & have healing benefits. They uplift the mood of the cows; de-stresses them & makes them happy.

It is believed, in challenging situations like cows under depression after difficult calving / calf death also find solace in music therapy.

4  Play selective Vedic chants & mantras in your cow sheds

Simple Dairy Farm practice to increase dairy milk! Organic Milk!

Mantras are scientifically proven to generate positive sound waves for comfort & healing of beings around. India is rich with mantras & chants. Kindly consider soft sounding melodious mantras & chants, they work wonders.

For ex. Garbha Sanskar mantras can also be played for the healthy wellbeing of pregnant cows.


Please ensure usage of soft words & languages in your dairy farm among labours, managers & while addressing, speaking, milking the cows. Cow are sensitive they get stressed to HARSH SOUNDS/ACTIONS/BODY LANGUAGES. Use pleasant & soft words in your dairy farm while milk the cow.

Cow song! How to know MUSIC IS WORKING ON THE COWS?

||Netra Lakshana||™

‘Eyes are the windows to the soul’

Language of eyes; Understand the Cows emotions through her eyes. Eyes as shared earlier are windows to the soul. Eyes many times reveal the deep emotions happening with-in, mood & health status. We need to learn the art of Netra-lakshana, observing cows eye & understand her emotional status. With practice you can look at a cow & make observation of her emotional well being.

Golden Tip: Just observe for the following sign in your dairy farm to increase dairy milk naturally

If you observe the following sign in your cows/dairy farms, then there might be chance that cows are under stress, anxious, not comfortable which is affecting their health & milk productivity.

Eye ball popping?

If you see the WHITE COLOUR AREA OF THE COW’S EYE more or the EYE BALL portion more visible & popping out then the cow is stressed/ has fear/anxiety. Accordingly play the soft melodious soothing music, instrumental music of Flute, Veena ETC.


Regular practise of melodious sounds, humming, chants, mantras will create a very trustful bonding between the cows & the caretakers. It de-stresses cows, relaxes them, heals the body & mind for better health & productivity.


Keep your dairy farm musical, cows happy. . . increase milk productivity naturally

Leela of Ksheersagar,

let cow milk flow like river nourishing the calf, human beings & create wealth flow in your dairy farm

Simple Way To Increase Cow Milk Production Naturally

How To Increase

Cow Milk Production & Milk Quality?

Zero Cost & Natural Vedic Way

Ksheer Sagar is a powerful vedic science, helps in increasing Cow milk production & quality in natural, simple way without additional expenses. It is based on FOUR PILLARS;

Pillar 1 :  ||Gau – Anand Sutra||™

Do You Know Emotion Hormone Is Important

For Cow Milk Production?

KL Gau Anand Sutra, is an ancient wisdom which strongly believes & advocates in understanding, valuing & respecting COW EMOTION. Only happy cows can produce HIGH MILK YIELD leading to prosperity.



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KL Saptgun Ahaar, is a powerful cow feed wisdom based on vedic science which advocates simple, balanced, complete feed, self grown in & around the farm as per the region & BREED/LIFE CYCLE STAGE/SEASON WISE requirement. It is natural, zero cost, easy to practice & reduces dependence on high cost chemical feeds which burdens the dairy farmer. It reveals  16 ZERO COST NATURAL VEDIC HERBS TO INCREASE MILK PRODUCTION.



Do You Know Cows Which Enjoy Comfortable Position Sitting Down For More Than 12+ Hours Provide More Milk?

KL Vasasthan, is a rich knowledge bank of ensuring comfort housing to cows as only comfortable cows can be productive. It provides guidelines on how a cow shed needs to be designed naturally, low cost, simple but very comfortable for cows happiness  &  health.



Do You Know Almost 40% Low Milk Production Is Due To Health Care Problems Which Could Have Been Prevented?

KL Arogya Suraksha Paddhati, is based on the powerful philosophy of PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. One of the main reason for low productivity is regular cow health problems; Mastitis, skin problems, foot problems, mouth problems, digestion problems etc. Vedic wisdom practices regular DINACHARYA & RITUCHARYA to ensure cows get regular preventive health care instead of addressing the problem only when the health problems occur.


PILLAR 1 : ||Gau-Anand Sutra ||™

As per KL vedic science, ONLY COWS WHICH ARE HAPPY CAN BE PRODUCTIVE & LIVE LONG. Vedic wisdom stresses & advices for cow caretakers to ensure  EMOTIONAL HAPPINESS in COW. Gau Anand Sutra  has 7 emotional sutras or emotional beads which provides valuable wisdom in understanding the emotions of cow; which directly influences milk productivity & quality.


#1. ||Gau Namakaran||™

Cows emotional bonding with their own names Vedic science clearly establishes, Cows love individual names, respond to name calling, build relationship with humans through names, leads to being part of the family; Happy Stress-free cows yield high milk. Old fables/Popular village songs all have cow’s name embedded….. Kindly treat cow as an INDIVIDUAL & She shall respond to all your needs with multifold love.

Name All Your Cows Today!

#2. ||Gau – Snehalokh||™

Cows love bonding with their friends Vedic science clearly establishes, Cows are social & highly emotional Animals.

They love company. Their memory is strong & can remember their herd members.

Like human beings, they also make friends & avoid bullying members. They have individual likes & dislikes. So it is important to establish HERD MANAGEMENT with the right individual members instead of ONE COMMON GROUP. Better to divide cow’s into 20-25 groups of herds with cordial members.

Cow’s emotionally interact with their group & also avoid certain members. Cow’s also are under stress if they are supposed to interact with too large or new member’s every now & then.

#3. ||Gau – MathruPrem||™

Cows love nursing their calf

Vedic Science says, cows love nursing their calf; nursing their calf gives immense emotional Satisfaction, stress free, better health & leads to high milk yield. When cows are not allowed to enjoy their emotion of Nursing, feel dejected & slowly develop induced behavior of ‘INDIVIDUALISTIC APPROACH’; slowly lose the caring –nursing affection for the next generation of births.

#4. ||Gau – Nandi Stiratha||™

Nandi, important for herd health Vedic Science says, presence of Nandi in the herd; assures the herd emotional comfort & safety. Nandi ensures natural flow of URJA in the herd, leading to HEALTHY SPIRIT & hierarchy maintenance..

#5. ||Gau – Vasansukh||™

Cows love airy surroundings

Vedic science clearly establishes, Cows can SMELL surroundings even as far as few Miles away. Cow’s feel extremely uncomfortable in HOUSING which is DAMP/SMELLS BAD/LESS VENTILATION, all this leads to stress & low milk yield. Gau – Vasasthan to be airy & with good ventilation.

#6. ||Gau – Vishram Prem||™

Cows love relaxation

Vedic Science says, cows love relaxing for at least 60% of their time which involves comfortable sitting posture, while they keep chewing & they enjoy sleeping for at least 5-8 hours in a shady, airy, clean surrounding. So, it is important to ensure a defined regular |Dincharya| & | Ritucharya| so that they know their daily-seasonal wise routine & enjoy their relaxation with comfort. Cow housing to ensure it understands the cow behavior & supports their relaxation.

#7. ||Gau – Nruthya Jeevan||™

Happy cows live for at least 20-25 years Vedic Science says, Happy cows, which enjoy their name calling, bond well with their Herd members, enjoy nursing, enjoy relaxation exhibit frequently:

  • Cuddling/Licking of their herd members
  • Happy Cows Dance, Yes, they jump with their 4 feet above in the air…to exhibit their happy mood

Please let’s try to embrace the Vedic wisdom which treated cows as individual members & HAPPY COWS was their goal… because only a HAPPY BEING CAN BE PRODUCTIVE & LIVE LONGER, ensuring prosperity.