Arogya Suraksha – Cow Preventive Healthcare

28-04-16 Krishna Leela Final

|| Arogya Suraksha Padathi ||™

Cow Preventive Healthcare

Did you know?

Preventive Health care for cows is the best care…


Vedic wisdom believes & strongly advocates in PREVENTIVE HEALTH CARE. As preventive healthcare is the best

in managing health & productivity of cows.

Arogya Suraksha Padathi, prescribes defined practises for daily & regular health maintenance of cows. It believes in the powerful philosophy of everyday feed intake of cows & basic routine practises should itself be the MEDICINE & natural treatment in maintaining health & productivity of cows. Preventive healthcare helps in trying our best to keep unwanted health problems away….

It is very critical & important to practice Preventive healthcare for dear cows, than invite the disease & then try to treat the cow health problems. Preventive care is easy, low cost & wise practice. Treating disease is always challenging, painful & high cost/losses observed. So, practising a ritual of Preventive care for cows is the best care. Preventive care helps in keeping cows Healthy, Fit & productive.

Arogya Suraksha Padathi prescribes natural 16 preventive health care for cows, easy to practice & low cost/No cost.

Padathi #1: Skin Care 

Cow skin care is very important to ensure cows remain free from insects / bites which cause lot of irritation & stress. When cow skin is not healthy & becomes house for insects/parasites etc, leads to lot of discomfort among cows which also believe to naturally impact low milk productivity.

Turmeric paste application on Feet/Knees & fore head around horns



In old wisdom practices, one observes application of simple turmeric paste on to the cow’s forehead, around horns,feet & knees. Many beautiful old images exhibit this practise. Science supports this practise, as application of turmeric which is very simple, low cost, easily available but VERY POWERFUL & PROVEN with antiseptic properties shields forehead area, foot, hooves & legs from unwanted insects/bugs/parasites keeping cows healthy, calm, blissful. When one sees cows sitting & calmly enjoying their chew without any botheration of skin problems; it’s a blissful sight. No irritation. No Stress. Comfort living = Better Productivity.

Shiny Healthy Skin

Neem Leaves

Neem Leaves

Spray or apply liquid mixture made of Neem oil or Neem leaves/ Powder soaked in water + water + turmeric in the ratio of  2:5:3on cow’s skin at least weekly twice or on case to case basis. For cows with more ticks/skin parasites problem you can increase the ratio of neem & turmeric. This shall repel insects/bugs & provide healthy skin care.

Padathi # 2 :Foot Care

Foot problem & lameness has been reported as one of the major health challenges leading to cow sufferings & dairy losses. Foot problem/lameness reduces cow mobility which impacts its feeding in open grazing & restricts enjoying natural animal behaviour with its herds.

Ancient wisdom prescribes simple, easy & low cost practices to address this issue & helps in preventing occurrence of these problems.

Natural Health Foot Pit

Create natural Health Foot Pit in your farm. At least weekly twice/or as a Daily routine, when your cow moves out of shed, make them pass through the ‘HEALTH PIT’. Create a small passage slope earth pit filled with water + Neem Leaves + Turmeric.

Neem Leaves

Neem Leaves



Let the cows pass through the passage pit slowly; [Passage pit size : 4 Feet wide x 8 feet length; 10 inch deep]. Make each cow stand in the pit for a while before allowing them to move on. This shall disinfect the foot area & provide preventive foot care. Make this part of your regular dinacharya, after few days of practice cows understand the daily routine & they by very nature will follow the habit of passing through the health foot pit on their own. Labour friendly. No high cost. Easy routine care.

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#3. Mouth Care

#4. Digestive Care

#5. Mastitis care & many more……