Arogya Suraksha – Cow Preventive Healthcare

28-04-16 Krishna Leela Final

|| Arogya Suraksha Padathi ||™

Cow Preventive Healthcare

Did you know?

Preventive Health care for cows is the best care…


Vedic wisdom believes & strongly advocates in PREVENTIVE HEALTH CARE. As preventive healthcare is the best

in managing health & productivity of cows.

Arogya Suraksha Padathi, prescribes defined practises for daily & regular health maintenance of cows. It believes in the powerful philosophy of everyday feed intake of cows & basic routine practises should itself be the MEDICINE & natural treatment in maintaining health & productivity of cows. Preventive healthcare helps in trying our best to keep unwanted health problems away….

It is very critical & important to practice Preventive healthcare for dear cows, than invite the disease & then try to treat the cow health problems. Preventive care is easy, low cost & wise practice. Treating disease is always challenging, painful & high cost/losses observed. So, practising a ritual of Preventive care for cows is the best care. Preventive care helps in keeping cows Healthy, Fit & productive.

Arogya Suraksha Padathi prescribes natural 16 preventive health care for cows, easy to practice & low cost/No cost.

Padathi #1: Skin Care 

Cow skin care is very important to ensure cows remain free from insects / bites which cause lot of irritation & stress. When cow skin is not healthy & becomes house for insects/parasites etc, leads to lot of discomfort among cows which also believe to naturally impact low milk productivity.

Turmeric paste application on Feet/Knees & fore head around horns



In old wisdom practices, one observes application of simple turmeric paste on to the cow’s forehead, around horns,feet & knees. Many beautiful old images exhibit this practise. Science supports this practise, as application of turmeric which is very simple, low cost, easily available but VERY POWERFUL & PROVEN with antiseptic properties shields forehead area, foot, hooves & legs from unwanted insects/bugs/parasites keeping cows healthy, calm, blissful. When one sees cows sitting & calmly enjoying their chew without any botheration of skin problems; it’s a blissful sight. No irritation. No Stress. Comfort living = Better Productivity.

Shiny Healthy Skin

Neem Leaves

Neem Leaves

Spray or apply liquid mixture made of Neem oil or Neem leaves/ Powder soaked in water + water + turmeric in the ratio of  2:5:3on cow’s skin at least weekly twice or on case to case basis. For cows with more ticks/skin parasites problem you can increase the ratio of neem & turmeric. This shall repel insects/bugs & provide healthy skin care.

Padathi # 2 :Foot Care

Foot problem & lameness has been reported as one of the major health challenges leading to cow sufferings & dairy losses. Foot problem/lameness reduces cow mobility which impacts its feeding in open grazing & restricts enjoying natural animal behaviour with its herds.

Ancient wisdom prescribes simple, easy & low cost practices to address this issue & helps in preventing occurrence of these problems.

Natural Health Foot Pit

Create natural Health Foot Pit in your farm. At least weekly twice/or as a Daily routine, when your cow moves out of shed, make them pass through the ‘HEALTH PIT’. Create a small passage slope earth pit filled with water + Neem Leaves + Turmeric.

Neem Leaves

Neem Leaves



Let the cows pass through the passage pit slowly; [Passage pit size : 4 Feet wide x 8 feet length; 10 inch deep]. Make each cow stand in the pit for a while before allowing them to move on. This shall disinfect the foot area & provide preventive foot care. Make this part of your regular dinacharya, after few days of practice cows understand the daily routine & they by very nature will follow the habit of passing through the health foot pit on their own. Labour friendly. No high cost. Easy routine care.

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#3. Mouth Care

#4. Digestive Care

#5. Mastitis care & many more……

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jai shri Krishna
very nice and powerful method to care our gomata
I need udder problem best treatment in Ayurveda can you help me.

Srinivas rao

There is an old man in Hyderabad who treats mastritis effectively with left over water used for cooking rice his name is balreddy 90yrs old guy will find is contact details

Dear Sreenivas rao ji,
KL welcomes your feedback.

Subhash Sharma

it is very informative information you are giving to us
i will apply at my village

Dear Subash Ji,
Thanks….KL appreciates your passion & commitment towards VEDIC PREVENTIVE HEALTHCARE for cows.
KL strongly believes in the philosophy of ‘ PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE’.

Good to hear….please spread wisdom of preventive healthcare…..let cows stay healthy & gaupalak’s prosper.

Happy reading!
Best wishes,

Subhash Sharma

i need your guidance time to time

Dear Subash,
KL is always there to share & spread Vedic wisdom for cow welfare.

Spread the ancient precious wisdom to one & all….
Best wishes,

Adyanand singh

Sir, I have listen that there are many herbs like amrita (giloya) which are useful in mastitis

Dear Adyanand Singh Ji,
There are number of herbs mentioned in ayurvedic texts for treatment of mastitis.
But important fact is many do not know how to identify the RIGHT herbs as many plants look similar.

KL suggests simple common herbs known to everyone .
We value your interest & wisdom.sorry for late reply.
Best wishes

Adyanand singh

Sir, mastistis is one disease which is very harmful if any herbal medicine which is good for prevention of this disease then it will be very useful.for all gopalaks.